Since it’s inception in 1989, TheHopeLine has grown into a well-funded, highly technological, and strategically operated system of call centers that serve as the rescue arm of the Dawson McAllister Association. Beginning with a handful of volunteers the manned the phones in 1989, TheHopeLine now has over 450 trained volunteers serving from five (5) major call center across the United States and several satellite call centers located on or near the campuses of prestigious Christian colleges and universities. Major call centers are located in Tennessee (2), South Dakota, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Clear thinking and right values are provided to callers and those connecting via instant messaging six days a week 365 days a year. In addition, TheHopeLine has partnered with strong faith-based partners to provide longer term care and services to those seeking help, advice and healing. Trained volunteers serve as HopeCoaches, engaging teenagers and young adults by listening, empathizing, encouraging, offering biblical perspectives and prayer.

Each HopeCoach has been required to submit an application and two letters of recommendation, which are reviewed by TheHopeLine leadership. Furthermore, each applicant submits to a background check and must also complete the New HopeCoach training program. During this training, prospective HopeCoaches are exposed to skills which are essential to helping those that contact us. Equally as important, ongoing updates and information is provided to HopeCoaches specific to with issues of suicidal and homicidal talk as well as mental disorders and different forms of abuse. The information presented in this training is in compliance with laws governing mandated reporting of these issues. The training is also consistent with commonly held practices for approaching these critical issues.

During the life of TheHopeLine, HopeCoaches have handled hundreds of thousands of calls from desperate and hurting teenagers and young adults whose issues and concerns are complex and deep. By the grace and protection of God alone, never has TheHopeLine been presented with a legal claim or a lawsuit. TheHopeLine leadership takes seriously this record of excellence and makes it a top priority to limit legal liability. Dawson McAllister Association does maintain media perils liability insurance to provide protection against potential media related legal claims and/or lawsuits and trained HopeCoach volunteers are covered by the ministries liability insurance as long as they are serving in accordance with the training they have received and the policies and HopeCoach best practices that have been presented to them.