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wrote Beautiful
on 03-09-2012 5:57 AM

I love this wonderful amazing world that Our Amazing God has created for us to reside in. I used to wake up everyday and wonder what is my purpose in life? where am I going in life? what will I accomplish in my life?. I now wake up everyday and I thank God for all that he has blessed me with: my two beautiful amazing little boys, my wonderful amazing father, my weird and crazy boyfriend, my real and true friends old and new, my newfound spiritual being, and just plain and simple My Life. I have a new aspect on life and that is to enjoy it to the fullest and live everyday like it is my last day on this planet. I dont need Drugs,Cigarettes, Alcohol, Sin in my life to enjoy it because all those things are from the Darkside and they are a temporary fix My fix and my high for Life is God and to trust in Jesus and I love my newfound joyous beautiful amazing life.


God Bless You All