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  • 08-12-2011
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    My name is Evelyn Zhou. My....I would say 27 and I'm 20. I met him at the car dealership I worked at in January 2011. It was working well, we went to work together we were meeting each other everyday, well, it's work, we can't help it. After two months I really liked him and got to trust him. But the dates got very weird. He started talking about his last ex which was a girl he cheated on his other ex with. He went to Vegas on a business trip and he saw this ethiopian girl that later used him to get her sister a citizenship in United states. and he said he tried for two years to get this ex that he cheated on back but she wouldn't take him back. then one day he said he's breaking up with me. Over nothing. He said he thought that he would be ready to be in a relationship but he can't. I was heartbroken but after he dumped me it got very weird at work and also I still have feelings for him so almost every week twice or three times he would show up at my apartment drunk and would slap me (jokingly but still hurts) and callls me and acted like nothing happened. Joel is unreliable, he would say he'd be there in an hour but shows up three hours to a day late. I couldn't stand it and still did it for about two more month, I'd have sex with him when he asks. So I finally decided to go back to my home country for good, and just before I left he came to my apartment and cried and said that he *** up and that he'd give it another shot if I said yes, I had enough of his bullshit that I just left and he said he had loves for me and would be here for me if we ever cross paths again. We kept contact while I was in China for 2 months, but I decided to come back and when I did we got a hotel and I thought everything was back to normal but he's now telling me he doesn't care about anythingand treating me like I'm his booty call again and that he's emotionally messed up. I don't know if I can keep this up. I love him but I've tried to go for other guys and forget him but it's just not happening. I now live 4 mins away from Joel. He's always saying he hates me and I say it too but I'm not sure now if I really hate it or love him. I can't stay away. usually I'm good at bring people's relationships closer or apart but this time I can't control myself.

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