I Have Nowhere To Go

General Information about what to do if you Have Nowhere To Go

What if they do not trust anyone to help them out of their situation?

Most likely they have been burned by trusting people in the past. They may have been lied to and taken advantage...

What other options are available to someone who has nowhere to go?

They can look for ways to get involved with friends outside of school. For instance, attending a church youth group...

What does God say about those that have nowhere to go?

1. When people have no place to go, they feel abandoned, uncared for, neglected, tossed aside, and worthless. We...

What are some action points that someone can take to get off of the streets?

Setting goals is a very good way to endure difficult times. Even though they may feel hopeless and abandoned, giving...

What does the Bible say about having nowhere to go?

1. God says that He will never leave you, or turn his back on you (Hebrews 13:5) 2. Psalm 27:10 states that “For...
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