afraid of counseling

9 Misconceptions About Seeking Professional Counseling

We often hear a common concern…… “I’m afraid to see a professional counselor.” Have you had this thought as well? Do you feel you may benefit from seeing a counselor, but face fears about scheduling an appointment? Perhaps you have convinced yourself of many reasons why you shouldn’t go to counseling. A lot of these…

Dawson McAllister

Dawson McAllister Live On-Line

A Show for You No Matter What You’re Going Through I have been a radio host for a live, call-in radio show for over 25 years. It is something I absolutely love to do and am incredibly passionate about! The thing about live radio is you never know exactly what you are going to get…

weekend drinking

Weekend Drinking Might Be More of a Problem than You Think

Ever wonder, “Do I have a drinking problem?” This Guest Blog written by Benjamin Sledge was originally posted on In it he examines his own relationship with alcohol. When everything revolves around booze or happy hour when does the party stop? It’s the blond girl from the gym. The one you’ve stared at for almost three months, wishing…

Billy Graham my hero

My Hero – Billy Graham

God used Billy Graham to change my life. As I reflect back, Billy Graham was one of the top 5 people that had a dramatic influence over me. This man inspired me greatly. He was a shining example of someone who dedicated his life to reaching people who were searching for real and lasting hope….

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