rush into marriage

Why Rush Into Marriage?

Feeling Pressure To Rush Into Marriage? Aaron asked: Why are some girls in such a hurry to get married? To me, only six months to a year of dating is way too fast. Marriage is a huge step of trust and commitment between two people. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and self-sacrifice. It…

fear getting to know someone

How To Get To Know Someone Of The Opposite Sex

Understanding the Opposite Sex Trying to understand the opposite sex can be one of the most frustrating of life’s experiences. There is an undeniable desire for a strong connection between a guy and a girl. This is in God’s design. Yet often times it seems like there is a huge gap between the two of…

do i read her mind

Do I Have To Read Her Mind?

This post has been updated. To read the updated version click here. Can You Really Read Her Mind? Through these recent blogs, I’m diving into the toughest questions you have about the opposite sex. It’s taking us on an exciting journey deep into our hearts. Through this adventure, hopefully you will be helped into having healthier, more…

why people get jealous

Why Do People Get Jealous?

Reasons They Might Be Jealous Jealousy is the kind of emotional disease that strikes both sexes. Stephen asked: “Why does my girlfriend get so jealous when I talk to other girls?” and Kayla asked: “Why does my boyfriend get jealous when I’m just talking to other guys?” Even though it’s a horribly negative behavior, it is unfortunately, very…

bad guys attract

Why Do Nice Girls Go for Bad Guys

Why Do Bad Guys Get The Good Girls? The differences between the genders can be unbelievably confusing and challenging. The more progress that is made to help you increase your understanding of the opposite sex, the healthier your relationships will be. Thank you for all the great questions you’ve been sending. I promise to keep answering…

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