what Christmas means to me

What Christmas Means To Me

After all is Said and Done, it’s Still Jesus. Christmas can be crazy and chaotic, but it is also a beautiful and meaningful time of year. I like listening to the classic carols, looking at lights and elaborate decorations, and I also love time together with family and friends. I remember making wish lists as…

hope for the abused

Hope for the Abused

If you have experienced abuse in your life, whether it be physical, sexual, emotional/verbal, and neglect/abandonment, I want you to know that you can heal, you can move forward and there is hope. In this blog I want to talk about specific ways to deal with the abuse you may have experienced. If you have been…

what is emotional abuse

What Is Verbal / Emotional Abuse?

As I’ve been blogging about abuse, and read your comments and hear your stories on my radio show, I’m continually faced with how cruel so many people can be to each other. Perhaps you have suffered tragic abuse at the hands of someone you thought you could trust. This is not how it’s supposed to…

am i being abused

What Is Physical Abuse?

On my blog I have found myself talking about issues few people are willing to confront. And yet, it is right below the surface of everyday life for millions of young people. It’s real. It hurts. And does untold damage. I’m talking about abuse, physical abuse. Please keep reading this blog no matter how painful…

is this abuse

What Is Abuse?

What Is Abuse and What To Do About It When I first started in my radio career talking to teenagers and young adults, I quickly became amazed at what my audience wanted to talk about. Many of them wanted to talk about abuse in their family. I had no choice. I had to face the…

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