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“I’m Pregnant. How did I let this happen?”

Last week I blogged about getting pregnant before marriage. Very few of these pregnancies work out well. No matter what people say, there is all kinds of pain and havoc mixed with fear. Most people who get pregnant out of wedlock didn’t mean for it to happen or have not counted the costs of what…

help i am pregnant

Help, I’m Pregnant

Pregnant at 17 It’s every girl’s nightmare. You have a boyfriend and you feel you’re in love. Love to you means making him happy and giving him sex. You’re not thinking straight. You haven’t thought through the consequences of premarital sex. If you have thought about the consequences, you’re convinced you can beat the odds and…

Unhappy girl on a bed. An object of Lust

Comparing Love vs. Lust

Love Gives, Lust Takes A relationship based on lust can be devastating. It’s impossible to know how many people’s lives have been really messed up because of lust. I do know lust has left a lot of people as hurting victims. Amy sent me a poem this week about lust. It’s pretty deep. Got me…

Girl In Shadows Hurt by lust

Why Lust is Destructive

2 Reasons Lust Is Destructive Everyone currently dating needs to ask the question…Am I in love or am I in lust? Whatever you do, don’t mess up on this question or you will walk into a world of hurt. Lust literally means over-desire. It is when you take something that is good, twist it, and…

Couple making out. Is it love or lust?

Am I in Lust?

Don’t Confuse Love and Lust I find so many people who call my radio show confused between lust and love. Love is the most abused word in the human language often being used instead of what it really is lust. Lust can cause deep confusion and destruction. So often I will hear a caller say, “I am…

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