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4 Challenges To Being Just Friends

“Just Friends” I’m more convinced than ever that every person needs at least one Just Friends experience. I’ve been blogging a lot lately about Just Friends. A Just Friend is a friend from the opposite sex you treat just like any friend, but without the girlfriend/boyfriend drama. I’m more convinced than ever that every person…

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Just Friends

I get tons of calls on my radio show, Dawson McAllister Live. Many of them are about boyfriend/girlfriend and broken hearts. Sometimes, the consequences of dating can be horrific, like unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and abuse. I find myself saying to so many of these callers, You don’t need a boyfriend. You just need a friend…

friends with benefits

Friends With Benefits

I have decided to blog on the whole subject of “friends with benefits” because it has become so huge in our culture, especially among high school and college students. Plus, the phrase itself got me thinking. I mean, who really benefits? Is it a 50/50 benefit? What is the actual BENEFIT? Can there be friends…

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Trading Love Addiction For Meaningful Relationships

Moving forward from Love Addiction I have been thinking about how devastating it is when a love addict finally admits and owns his/her love addiction. Is it any wonder people hang on to their addictions for all they’re worth because, if you finally admit you are a love addict and your relationship is based on…

walk away love addiction

Walking Away From Love Addiction

I’ve been talking about love addiction for quite sometime now. Believe it or not, I’m going to wrap up this subject pretty soon. I’ve talked about it longer than just about any other subject because I’m convinced that love addiction is the #1 addiction people face. It may be hard to identify, but it’s consuming…

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