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(Video) Dating: Interview with a Marriage Counselor

[Video] Meet marriage counselor, Larry, and his wife Kate as they give real and honest advice on dating and marriage.


Advice for a Dating Couple

The best thing you can do while dating is to not consume each other.

Make sure you are taking the time to get to know each other…to become friends first.

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Observe the other person’s family and how they interact with them. You can learn a great deal about a person just by observing how they treat others.

Know your own worth.  If you know your own worth, you will not settle for less than God has intended for you in your relationships. [Tweet This!]


Advice for a Married Couple

How you treat others is indicative of how your relationship is with God.

If you don’t trust your spouse, you probably don’t trust God.

If you want your spouse to do everything for you, you probably want God to do everything for you.

Treat your spouse like they are the man or woman you want them to be, and that is what they will become.

Appreciate each other. Don’t forget how wonderful your spouse is. Wake up in the morning and tell them, “Wow, I get to be married to you!” [Tweet This!]


Dawson has talked to thousands of teenagers and young adults who keep making the same mistake over and over again in their dating relationships.  Many are hurt and their trust is broken.  It’s important to take your time when starting a dating relationship.  To help with this issue Dawson has written several blogs on dating, love and relationships.  A great place to explore more about dating relationships are the following blogs:  Guard Your Heart – Dating Relationships and Disadvantages of Diving In To a Dating Relationship Too Soon. 

If you are struggling with a dating relationship and need to talk, a trusted HopeCoach is ready to help!

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  • Ingrid

    Hi my name is Ingrid and I’m struggling to save my relationship, my boyfriend recently just broke up with me but is willing to give me till the end of the month to make a miraculously change on myself. We have a 3 year old daughter and been on and off on our relationship for 4 years now. I really need to change on myself and prove to him that I can change and want this relationship. please someone help me. I want to save my relationship and want my daughter to see mommy and daddy together. I NIEED ADVICE ON HOW I CAN MAKE A MIRACULOSLY CHANGE ON MYSELF.