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Guest Blogger: Licy-Be Says We Need To Step Up the Love.

If it wasn’t for a stranger approaching me in the shops one day, I might not be alive today. Because of another person’s willingness, honesty and openness I found hope where I thought there was none. I found that I wasn’t alone and that everybody goes through stuff. I still to this day cannot believe the impact that person had on my life by sharing with me about his depression, how he had been bullied and most importantly how he OVERCAME, those things that once brought him down, through his relationship with God. We can all “Step Up The Love.”

I personally believe we have the power to reach out and impact another person’s life just like that guy impacted mine in the shops that day. However, choosing to NOT act can also have a massive impact. By not reaching out to someone in need, someone struggling or someone being bullied, we leave that person at risk of believing they are alone at a time when they need to know they are actually not alone.

Can you honestly say that you have never been in a situation where someone else made you feel like crap? Whether they were engaging in bullying behavior or if it was unintentional, we can all relate in some way when we see someone who is feeling down or being mistreated. I feel like this thing inside rises up and screams IT’S NOT OK when we hear about someone who has been bullied. Why do you think that happens? Why do you think we feel strongly about the person being pushed around? I believe those thoughts prompt us and open the door for opportunity. They create space and challenge us to make a decision to REACH OUT, STAND UP AND GIVE SOMEBODY ELSE A HAND UP.

Step Up The Love is a song that was written to challenge us to step up the love by reaching out to those in our lives who might be in need of a little love and encouragement. The title of this song is a call to action. The challenge is to step up the love and take action by reaching out.

So tell me, do you accept the challenge?

Watch Licy-Be’s Step Up The Love – Music Video feat. Amanda & Kenyon:

Licy-Be is a passionate and talented spoken word artist, motivational speaker and rapper who aims to inspire, encourage and empower!

If you want to hear more from Licy-Be, visit her website: or visit her YouTube Channel at: Licy-Be YouTube Channel.

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