Real Stories of Hope

She Struggled with Cutting and Anxiety

Taylor Shares Her Story of Cutting and Anxiety Taylor was struggling with cutting and anxiety and depression. Thankfully she found TheHopeLine®. I have been cutting as a result from depression and severe anxiety. I started when I was 15 years old, and I am now 19 years old. I have been on for a few…


I Hated My Life…Your Show Saved Me!

Dawson, When I was younger there was an abuse situation between me and my mom.  The whole family knew about it but they just didn’t want to say anything, cuz at the time they were doing foster and they knew if they said anything there would be a investigation and they would get in trouble. She…

Abbie’s Story – Coping with Sexual Abuse

I grew up in a home where I was sexually abused by my father on a daily basis until the age of 19. I was also abused by my step grandfather from the age of 6-17. I always blamed myself and would tell myself that I deserved this.  I was always told that I was…

help for relationships

Relationship Issues

I was around 18 years old when I called in for some guidance. I was in a sexual relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year when we broke up. Because of a sexual relationship outside of marriage I had confused the feelings I had for true love. When we broke up I did not…

strengthen my faith

Trying to Strengthen My Faith!

I’ve always been a devoted Christian and have always believed in the word of God, but a few months ago God had opened my eyes and showed me that I hadn’t been acting on his word like I was supposed to. I’d distanced myself from Him without even realizing it, and it only took a…

share hope

Anxiety Disorder

I’ve been using this website for almost a year now, and honestly its like my little therapy I need. No prescriptions, no one is writing down anything or judging me on what I say, I just get to speak. Living with an anxiety disorder (and one as complex as mine) you just have to learn…

she has hope now

Relationship Help From TheHopeLine

My ex-boyfriend left me for another girl. I use to be his entire world and now I’m nothing to him. He meant everything to me and it hurt seeing him in the arms of someone else. It hurt accepting the fact that he wasn’t mine and that I had lost him for good. I miss him…

Your Stories of Hope Have you talked to Dawson McAllister on the air or has a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine® helped you? Or do you have a story of how you overcame a struggle like addiction, self-harm, an eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, etc.? If so, we want to hear your story of hope. Take a look at some of the true stories of hope that others, like you, have shared. Help us spread the word that Hope is Here!

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