Real Stories of Hope

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On My Own Over Christmas

I have been on my own over the Christmas period. Since it was Christmas, my counselor wasn’t working so I was on my own for a whole week.  I was in desperate need of a reason to live. The HopeCoach I talked to, calmed me down and helped me find the Lord again. We said…

My Relationship, Depression and Then Hope

My Struggle With Depression And Then Hope On May 5th, 2014, I got into a relationship with a United States Airman. I had known him for over 6 years as a friend and we had dated a couple of times before that. The month before we got together, I was in a relationship with my…

Someone is Always Listening

Hi. I’m Megan and I’m an Addict. I thought that was a weird word. I didn’t really ever think I was one. It’s a typical story really. But so hard for me to deal with. I was always the outcast when I was a kid. By the time I started drinking and smoking, my parents…

Saved by Grace

Genevieve Was Saved By Grace Dear TheHopeLine, I just wanted to say thank you. I started connecting with you guys at TheHopeLine last year when I was struggling with self harm. I’ve been fighting the battle of depression and anxiety for a good four years now with two close incidents of ending of my life. I was…



Everyone is insecure over something. I’ve yet to find one person who loves everything about them self. Unfortunately, my insecurities led me to develop anxiety and depression. Being a teenager makes your self appearance stand out more and more. In 8th grade, I noticed how all of my friends had boyfriends and nice clothes and nice…

Bad Break Up and Unhealthy Relationships

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me and told me he had a date with some someone via text message. My son who loves him was as crushed as I was, as he felt as if he had lost a father. Through talking to a HopeCoach, we uncovered that I had been in…

Starting Over From Nothing

Starting Over After The Fire It was two weeks ago today I was at work and working in the same building I lived in when a fire started right where I was. I used two extinguishers to attempt to put it out, but it had raced up the walls and across the attic in seconds….

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