Broken Heart

My Interview with Lacey Sturm [Videos]

Interview with a Rock Princess on True Love: Lacey Sturm (Formally of Flyleaf) Lacey Sturm…you probably know who she is but just in case you don’t, she co-founded the rock band, Flyleaf, and was their lead singer for 10 years until going solo.  Now she has debuted her solo project, Life Screams. But I’m really…

7 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Over Your Ex

We’ve all been there. It starts off with a, “Hey! We really need to talk.” Then a few minutes pass and you’re confronted with this awkward pseudo-question, “But I hope we can still be friends…?” Ugh! This isn’t another post about, why things didn’t work out. You’ve probably had enough of that already. No one plans on getting dumped….

Starting Over From Nothing

Starting Over After The Fire It was two weeks ago today I was at work and working in the same building I lived in when a fire started right where I was. I used two extinguishers to attempt to put it out, but it had raced up the walls and across the attic in seconds….

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Heartache is Avoidable

Dating can be fun, but dating can end in heartache. It’s just the way it is. Anytime you open yourself up to love, you might get hurt. It’s a risk we take and one that can be well worth the risk. However, we often open ourselves up to heartache that is avoidable.  As I talked about last…

Guard Your Heart Dating Relationships

Have you been told, “Always guard your heart”? Be sure to guard your heart can be good advice. But I find it a little vague. It begs the question, “what precisely am I guarding my heart from? And how would I go about protecting it?” I would like to spend some time looking into these…