friends with benefits

Friends With Benefits

I have decided to blog on the whole subject of “friends with benefits” because it has become so huge in our culture, especially among high school and college students. Plus, the phrase itself got me thinking. I mean, who really benefits? Is it a 50/50 benefit? What is the actual BENEFIT? Can there be friends…

stay away from her

Guys, Stay Away From Her

Why Stay Away? When it comes to dating relationships, there are a lot of guys who never think about dangerous and troubled girls. Some guys only ask the question, Is she hot? And if the girl will go out with him, he considers himself lucky. He has no idea about the emotional landmines that lie…

what if my boyfriend hits me

My Boyfriend Hurt Me

[He] Made Me do Nasty Stuff that I Really Didn’t Want to Do. I am 14 years and I listen to your show as much as I can. I had a hard time last year because one boy I like was at the bowling alley and made me do nasty stuff that I really didn’t want…