vanished the game

VANISHED Left Behind:Next Generation

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Emotional Pain

Kirana Was In Deep Emotional Pain I found this site when i was looking for something to read, when I was at the very bottom of emotional pain. And I sincerely thank God that He found me back through this site. Thank you also for HopeCoaches that helped me out by listening patiently and giving me…

your love

Your Love Music Video by Licy-Be

Your Love Music Video | Licy-Be (feat. Miss Lauren & Amanda McCleary) Licy-Be shares in her blog: “Your Love is intended to be fun, cheeky and light-hearted, however the lyrics are deep, expressing the love of God which draws us into worship and brings freedom!  I pray that this song reaches out and speaks deep…


What Does God Say About Who We Are

The Battle of Beach Towels and Droplets By: Jenna (volunteer and blogger for MAM Morning After Ministries) From the time we are born to the moment we die, the world we encounter is trying to coat our identity with their opinions. Daily, we are told something about ourselves. It may be a friend saying positive, encouraging…

strengthen my faith

Trying to Strengthen My Faith!

I’ve always been a devoted Christian and have always believed in the word of God, but a few months ago God had opened my eyes and showed me that I hadn’t been acting on his word like I was supposed to. I’d distanced myself from Him without even realizing it, and it only took a…