EP 2 Have you let a relationship with your father define you? Chrstina's father hunger.

Christina’s Father Hunger: EP 2

How to Find Healing From the Damage of Fatherlessness. In This Episode: Father hunger is a lack of sufficient fathering which is extremely impactful to a person’s life for good or bad. I will explain to you how you can heal from the damage of an absent father. Then, I’ll give you practical ways to…

EP 1 What does it mean to have a love addiction? Abbie's love addiction

Abbie’s Love Addiction: EP 1

What Does It Mean to Have a Love Addiction?   In This Episode: “So, Dawson, what does it mean to be a love addict?” I’m glad you asked. A love addict is someone who seeks to maintain a relationship, no matter how unhealthy or one-sided it may be, in the hope of receiving love and…

The Dawson McAllister Podcast helping teens and young adults find hope!

The Dawson McAllister Podcast

Podcast Launch I have some very important news for you. After 26 years on broadcast radio, I have decided to move everything online. I am creating a new show, called The Dawson McAllister Podcast, which is available on my website, TheHopeLine.com. Here’s a brief intro to my new podcast: I am going to take a deep dive into…