What To Do When You Feel Suicidal

Do You Feel Suicidal Right Now? What can you do when you are close to killing yourself? These four interventions could save your life or the life of someone you love when they or you feel suicidal. I know life can be hard and problems can pile so high that we cannot see a way…

Girl Comforting a suicidal friend

How To Help A Suicidal Friend

If you know someone who has thought about ending their life by suicide, you realize how hard it is to know what to say or do about it. Are they just joking? Do they just want attention? Or is something serious going on? The truth is, most suicidal individuals give definite warnings of their suicidal…

The Cruel Consequences of Suicide

The consequences of suicide are not just that one person is dead, that a precious life has ended. It is also a tragedy of epic proportions for the people left behind. If you’ve ever known someone who has died by suicide, you know there’s absolutely no question suicide is a horrific tragedy. Suicide is a…

Why Do People End Their Life by Suicide?

The very idea that someone wants to die is frightening. As a result, suicide is not an easy topic to discuss for many people. But talking about suicide does save lives. If one person can be saved from suicide by talking about it with someone, it is worth it; especially if that someone is you….