How To Stop Pornography Addiction & Recovery Support

Pornography addiction can lead to shame and isolation, but breaking free from porn addiction is possible with resources and support from TheHopeLine. The first step is to understand the signs of porn addiction, its negative effects, and what you can do to break free.

What is Pornography?

Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. Pornographic material is most often accessed on the internet, but it can be found in any media format (books, movies, video games, etc.). Not every instance of nudity in artwork or media is necessarily pornographic. Pornography is specifically intended to stimulate sexual arousal and erotic feelings rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

How Do I Know if I Have a Porn Addiction?

Like other addictive behavior, there are common signs of pornography addiction that it’s important to be aware of, such as:

  • You Can’t Stop Using: You are unable to go a day without viewing pornographic material.
  • You Are Losing Money: Because porn costs money, porn addiction may be putting you in debt.
  • You Always Want More: Even if you use every day, it never feels like enough. You always feel like you have to use more in order to maintain arousal and satisfaction.
  • You Have Lost Sexual Interest/Attraction: Due to the “fantasy” nature of pornographic content and the unrealistic expectations it sets, people addicted to pornography often lose interest in actual physical intimacy with their spouse. They may even lose attraction to their partner. This loss of interest may also be due to ongoing masturbation, which frequently accompanies pornography use.

If you find that viewing porn is causing you to lash out at others who are concerned about your using, or that you are hiding your use from people you care about, it’s time to admit that porn is harming your relationships and to get some help.

What Do I Do About Porn Addiction?

First things first. Don’t give into shame and isolation and continue to hide the pain that pornography use is causing you. Reach out and get help from people who understand your struggles and who can give you the accountability and encouragement to overcome.

While opening up about addiction is never easy, it is key to recovery and healing. It curbs the feelings of isolation and shame that so often trigger relapses into addictive behavior. There are also people all over the world who are passionate about compassionate addiction support, and they can pray for you as you work to overcome your addiction to porn use.

Addiction does not mean you are a “bad person” or that you not worthy of care and support. You can restore your relationships and find peace of mind – and you have lots of options for getting help. Along with in-person support groups and online communities, TheHopeLine offers email mentorship and live chat to help you stop using pornography and recover from porn addiction.

Need more information? Search our library of resources (blogs, podcasts, ebooks and more) for answers to questions like:

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FAQ on Pornography:

Is pornography addiction harming your relationship?

Because pornography addiction involves some unhealthy emotional patterns, it's clear why using porn is connected to weaknesses and struggles in relationships. This includes, secrecy - hiding your addiction from your partner, shame - if porn makes you feel ashamed, you might feel more withdraws from your partner, and fantasizing - pornography is manufactured and creates unrealistic expectations of sex and physical intimacy.

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