How to forgive those that have deeply hurt you.

Can Cody Forgive His Mom?: EP 7

How to Forgive Those Who Have Deeply Hurt You. In This Episode: No doubt there is at least one person in your life you need to forgive. This person has deeply hurt you, violated you and caused you tremendous pain. What the person did to you is inexcusable but it is forgivable. Forgiving them means…

Anxiety - Breathe

Just Breathe [Video]

Resting in God’s Peace Listen to this song by Jonny Diaz and remember to just breathe.  Life can be so stressful, especially if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, abuse, addiction or any other tough issue that we hear about everyday on TheHopeLine. Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves to “Just Breathe”….

The Dawson McAllister Podcast episode 6 Carmen’s Deep Self-Esteem Wounds

Carmen’s Deep Self-Esteem Wounds: EP 6

What to Do When You Hate Yourself. In This Episode: At one time or another, we’ve all been disgusted with ourselves and wallowed in the world of self-loathing. You might not have said, “I hate myself,” but no doubt you have believed horrible lies about who you are. These lies are called false beliefs. They…

thoughts of anxiety

60 Thoughts Someone With Anxiety Has in the Morning [Video]

Is Anxiety Holding You Back? Have you found yourself thinking thoughts similar to those shared in this video?  Do you struggle with these thoughts of anxiety? Our friends at The Mighty created this video based on experiences shared by their contributors. Here at TheHopeLine we encourage you to cling to the thoughts at the end…