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The Shine Effect

The Shine Effect

The Shine Effect is a full-time, energetic 3-piece Christian rock band from Jacksboro, TN striving to answer the call God has placed on their lives to serve Him and minister to others through music. The band consists of Josh Roberts (vocals/guitar), wife Christa Roberts (drums), brother Ben Roberts (bass/vocals), and Ben’s wife Maria Roberts (merchandise/lighting/sound)….


Dealing With Abandonment

I’ve written blogs about physical, sexual, and verbal/emotional abuse, but there is one more kind of abuse I’d like to address…neglect and abandonment. What Is Neglect and Abandonment? You can be considered neglected or abandoned when you don’t know where your parents are, if they have left you alone, or have failed to maintain contact…

Reconnected with my daughter

Adopted Does Not Mean Abandoned

If you have been adopted and have experienced feelings of abandonment, your biological mom (and/or biological dad) might have been trying to give you the best life possible by allowing another family to adopt you.  Consider the possibility that they may have chosen adoption out of extreme love; as well as a desire for you to have…


PTSD and Suffering

PTSD and Suffering – David Seligman, guest blog writer for Courage Beyond, shares his experience having PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how he has come to the conclusion that he doesn’t like to say he is suffering:  I have heard a lot of words used to describe PTSD: “tragic”, “heartbreaking”, “scary”, “pitiful”. The more I heard…