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Breaking Free from Self-Harm


This guest post is written by Amanda Turner, the founder and head writer of Breaking Free Indeed.  Her hope is that by sharing her own story and the truths God has shown her, others might not feel so alone on their own journeys and can also find help in these..Read more

Don’t Let Your Pain Go Unseen – [Video]

dawson-blog-featured-image This Short Film is Sure to Leave an Impact This 25 minute film is sure to impact you in some way and is well worth watching. It explores the unseen pain of depression. If you or someone you know struggles with depression or suicidal thinking, parts of this film..Read more

You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are


We were not made to keep up, we were made to be free. Rebekah Lyons wrote this book from her own experiences.  She gives honest insight into her life’s challenges; discussing her fears, insecurities, and her constant striving to be accepted and loved by everyone. We think we need to..Read more

How To Manage College Stress


Are you overwhelmed with classes, a job, and a social life? Are you wondering how to manage college stress? The college years are certainly a time in your life to look forward to….the freedom, dorm life, expanding your mind, constant contact with friends, social activities, studying what interests you most,..Read more

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Free eBook: Understanding a Relationship with God

A guide to understanding the basics of Christianity and a meaningful relationship with God.  Do You Feel Like Life is Meaningless? Are you wondering what your purpose is? Do you have questions about what Christians believe or what it means to be a Christian? At TheHopeLine we believe real and lasting HOPE can only come […]

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