Tips For Getting Help for Depression Without Judgment

Depression is one of the toughest areas of mental health to navigate. The combination of physical and emotional symptoms. The feeling that it’s “all in your head” or that you’re just overreacting because you’re “too emotional”. If you’ve fought these battles or have a loved one with depression, every day feels like a struggle.

But don’t despair. Everyone at TheHopeLine is in your corner – and you can start getting help today.
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Dispelling the Stigma of Depression

The first thing to understand as you unpack experiences with depression is that you have nothing to be ashamed of. You aren’t damaged, broken, or unworthy. Rather than thinking of depression as a set of problems or shortcomings, it helps to see it for what it is: an illness.

If you had the flu, you wouldn’t be expected to “just get over it” or think about happy things to make it go away. You’d go to the doctor, take medication, and likely get a flu shot the following year in an effort to prevent worse or returning symptoms.

In a similar way, your depression symptoms should not be ignored. They can even be managed and treated in such a way that future depressive periods will hopefully be less severe.


Depression can cause body aches, extreme fatigue, upset stomach and frequent headaches. You may notice changes in your appetite or irregular sleep patterns. You may also experience a difficult time exercising when in a depressive episode.


When experiencing depression, it's hard to break free from negative thought patterns. These negative thoughts can block out any feelings of hope that things will get better. Struggling to find hope can be complex for your mind to process, causing you to be less focused, develop anxiety, suffer panic attacks, or lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.


There is a sense of emptiness or incompleteness when suffering with depression. It may feel as if there is a part of you that has vanished, or you may feel like you can't recognize yourself. This is because depression has wounded your spirit. Your spirit feels defeated and is craving a sense of wholeness.

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Your Experience of Depression is Unique

You’ve probably heard a lot of statistics about how common depression is. As many as 87% of young adults in one study had major depressive symptoms. The number of young adults dealing with depression has seen a sharp increase in the last few years.

While knowing this could be helpful if you’ve ever felt that no one understands what you’re feeling, it’s important to note that your experience of depression is unique and that it could be happening for a number of reasons:

• Brain Chemistry/Chemical Imbalance
• Increased Job Pressure/Firing/Layoffs
• Childhood Trauma
• Relationship Difficulties (Breakups, Toxic Relationships)

Considering what may have triggered your depression is often helpful in addressing and treating your symptoms. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem connected to any circumstances. After all, there are still many treatment options that could help you feel more whole and grounded (talking to a mental health professional, trying medication, etc.).
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Facing Depression: The Healing Journey

Overcoming depression isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s a process that happens one day at a time. That journey begins with believing some important truths:

• Improved mental health takes significant, ongoing work.
• You are worth the effort it takes to find healing.
• There are many other people who believe you’re worthy of help and support, no matter how depressed you feel. You don’t have to go it alone.

TheHopeLine staff, mentors, and prayer warriors are here to help you get clarity and hope for understanding and managing depression. We’ll help you make a practical plan for deeper healing, greater strength, and a brighter outlook for your life and relationships. And we can start now.


When depression convinces you of the lie that you don't have the strength to keep going, it's time to speak truth to your soul. The truth is that God is walking this journey with you and will give you the strength you need to fight through your depression. The Bible tells us that God will hold you up, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

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