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How To Heal After a Broken Heart

When you’ve been through a painful loss or disappointment after a sudden life change, heartbreak can hit you suddenly and with a lot of force. Getting to the bottom of a broken heart isn’t an easy process, but it’s worthwhile work if you are hoping to find true healing.

The Emotional Toll of Heartbreak

It can be hard to put into words what a broken heart feels like. We like the way Entity puts it:

“Heartbreak is the overwhelming distress you feel after a [romantic relationship or friendship] ends. . .It can make someone feel depressed or like they don’t have the energy for their normal routine. And in serious cases, it can even make someone feel like they don’t want to live anymore at all.”

The emotional intensity of your heartbreak can vary from day to day. But some days and seasons are more overwhelming than others. If you experience any of the following, you should get support and help to lessen the strain of your heartbreak:

  • Depression, anxiety, or signs of other mental illness
  • Feeling such pain that you harm yourself (or think about doing so)
  • Thoughts or plans of suicide
  • Isolation from friends, family, or activities you once loved

This list of feelings is by no means exhaustive. The way you experience a broken heart depends on the type of pain you’re feeling. If a breakup has left you feeling despair, you may have different emotional struggles from someone who is brokenhearted from grieving after a loss.

Heartbreak and the Body

Your body also feels the effects of heartbreak. Because it thinks you’re in physical pain, your body releases lots of stress hormones. Sometimes you feel tired without reason. Maybe you gain weight, or perhaps you lose your appetite.

You may feel excessive tension or numbness. Crying is normal. But be on the lookout for crying spells out of nowhere. If your heartbreak makes you feel ill, or causes you physical pain, it’s another sign you need to get help.

Help for Your Heartbreak

There’s no need to be embarrassed or ashamed of your heartbreak. The painful situations that caused it were real and legitimate, and so are the emotions you do battle with. But you’re not alone – and healing your heart is possible.

It begins with knowing the sources of your pain. Then you can make a practical plan with people you trust to care for the needs that have been unmet since your heartbreak. This spiritual, physical, and emotional self-care will be instrumental in helping you move forward and reconnect with meaningful relationships.

TheHopeLine is here and we can help you sort through it. Our mentors can talk you through your broken heart so that you can get to the root of the problem. If you need spiritual support, there are people who can pray for your heart to strengthen and heal.

We have a growing library of resources – podcasts, ebooks, testimonials, and more – to help you along the way. Search for answers to important questions like:

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  • How Long Should I Grieve?
  • Can God Help Me with My Emotional Pain?
  • How Can I Move On After a Heartbreak?

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