Self-harm, also known as self-injury, is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of one’s own body, usually without suicidal intentions. Other terms such as cutting and self-mutilation are also used to describe self-harming behavior. It is usually done in secret and is often hard to detect. The most common form of self-harm is using a sharp object to cut one’s skin. Other forms include behavior such as burning, scratching, or hitting body parts.

If you self-harm you are not alone – 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 7 males engage in self-harm. Ninety percent of people who self-harm begin during the teen years. (

The reasons why people self-harm are varied, but it is most always rooted in a need to cover up a deep emotional pain. Some need to feel control over physical pain unlike their emotional pain, some need to feel something physical after being emotionally numb, some feel the need to punish themselves.

Like many addictive behaviors, self-harm is a false feel good that doesn’t last. However, there is hope for anyone who self-harms to break the addiction and find healing.

Through blogs, eBooks, stories, podcasts and more find answers to these kinds of questions and much more:

  • Why do people self-harm?
  • How do I stop cutting myself?
  • Where can I find help for self-harm?
  • What’s so bad about cutting?

Most Recent Blogs on Cutting/Self-Harm

Breaking Free from Self-Harm


This guest post is written by Amanda Turner, the founder and head writer of Breaking Free Indeed.  Her hope is that by sharing her own story and the truths God has shown her, others might not feel so alone on their own journeys and can also find help in these..Read more

Consequences of Cutting


I have been, for the last several weeks, blogging about cutting. It is not easy, or pretty. But neither is cancer, and we deal with it everyday. Cutting is a nasty, horrific addiction. There is nothing quite like it, short of suicide. Though most cutters would claim they don’t want..Read more

Resisting The Urge To Cut Yourself


In my blog How to Quit Cutting for Good I talked about 3 things to focus on to help you quit cutting: Talk it out, Wake up to your actual feelings, and Seek God. Once you decide you’re committed to stop cutting, you will find out what a struggle it is to..Read more

Recovery from Addiction


Recovery from Addiction is Possible In my blog Life At the End of The Trail we talked about what happens to people when they do not break the chains of their addiction. We talked about where they would be 25 years later. Now I want to talk about what you..Read more

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Jasman’s Story: Self-Harm


Jasman’s Story: When I was about 7 years old my parents got divorced, but as far back as I can remember they were always fighting and arguing. I started to self-harm when I was 12.  I thought that there was no one out there who cared, knew what I was going..Read more

Struggles With Self-Harm


Self-harm stems from pain so deep it feels as if there is no other way to take away the emotional pain.  Whether you have been abused, hurt, rejected, abandoned, or anything else that has caused you emotional trauma and you have turned to self-harm to cope…we are here for you.  If..Read more

I Was Going to Self-Harm


Do You Struggle With Self-Harm Like Lucy? Lucy wrote to us at TheHopeLine® about a chat she had with a HopeCoach.  I was about to self-harm and I didn’t know where to turn so I went on here ( and this girl, a HopeCoach named Emily, talked with me. I..Read more

I Feel Happier


Do You Want To Feel Happier? “I feel happier!” I was just going to say, thank all of ya’ll for the help. Now, I’m not starving myself anymore, I’ve been eating more. Unfortunately, I haven’t gained any weight, but I feel better and have tons of energy. I’ve gotten my..Read more

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Free eBook: Understanding a Relationship with God

A guide to understanding the basics of Christianity and a meaningful relationship with God.  Do You Feel Like Life is Meaningless? Are you wondering what your purpose is? Do you have questions about what Christians believe or what it means to be a Christian? At TheHopeLine we believe real and lasting HOPE can only come […]

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