Free eBook: Understanding Self-Worth and Self-Hate

"What To Do When You Hate Yourself."

Girl sitting alone and she hates herself

Have You Ever Heard Someone Say They Hate Themselves?

Many people who struggle with their self-worth can easily slip into a cycle of self-hate, characterized by destructive thoughts and often triggering self-destructive behavior.  It’s important to identify negative thought patterns to learn how to maintain a healthy self-worth. Simply fill out the form to download our free eBook for information about how to overcome these destructive patterns of self-hate and how to help a friend who may be struggling with it.

In this eBook:

  • 30 page magazine-style eBook with photos and facts about self-worth and self-hate.
  • Signs to identify self-worth issues and what to do when you hate yourself.
  • 4 things not to do when trying to maintain a healthy self-worth.
  • 10 Ways to build a healthy self-respect and how to maintain it.
  • Ways to help a friend dealing with self-worth issues.
  • And, how to find help when you hate yourself.

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