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A Condom For The Heart


I remember many years ago, reading an article about condoms. There was a big debate at the time as to whether condoms would slow down the sexual revolution and really make sex safer. There was a quote from a Catholic priest which I’ll never forget. He said, “I’ll believe in condoms..Read more

‘Identity’: A Chat with Christian Recording Artist Colton Dixon


In a society so ready to define us by our Instagram feeds, it feels counter-cultural to turn to a higher power. In his third studio album “Identity,” Colton reminds us that God never intended anyone or anything other than Himself to label us. Since placing in the top 7 during “American..Read more

Worst. Party. Ever.


Paul wrote: I was at a party once that was going great. Everyone was having a great time. Sure, there was some drinking, but I didn’t realize the neighbors had called the cops. Everybody ran, and people got trampled over trying to get away. I broke my arm falling over..Read more

The Very Real Consequences of Cyberbullying


It’s all over the media…you’ve heard the tragic stories. Stories of teens and young adults ending their life after they’ve been bullied through social media sites. The consequences of cyber-bullying are very real. So I ask myself, why does this keep happening? We all know how damaging it is to..Read more

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Depression and ADHD: The Saving of My Son


Life Looked Good Our high school son was a high energy, 3 sport athlete, life of the party, good grades sort of kid.  His two younger brothers looked up to him.  Life appeared great. It all came crashing down One night, he was out with friends during his Junior year..Read more

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Free eBook: Understanding a Relationship with God

A guide to understanding the basics of Christianity and a meaningful relationship with God.  Do You Feel Like Life is Meaningless? Are you wondering what your purpose is? Do you have questions about what Christians believe or what it means to be a Christian? At TheHopeLine we believe real and lasting HOPE can only come […]

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