Are you a son or daughter, a parent, a niece or nephew, an aunt or uncle, a husband or wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a sibling, a friend, neighbor or co-worker? Chances are you have A LOT of relationships in your life.

Relationships are simply our connections to other people.

We are wired to be in relationship with people and to have community together. Relationships are necessary and beautiful. They can encourage us, bring us joy, make us laugh and fill our hearts. However, over time as people interact within these relationships there will certainly be conflict.At TheHopeLine we look at our many different relationships and the struggles we face within them. We look at marriage, divorce, family dynamics, forgiveness, friendships, and dating. After 25 years of talking with young adults we’ve heard it all, never judged, and provided hope .

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Through blogs, eBooks, stories, podcasts and more find answers to these kinds of questions and much more:

  • How do I get along with my parents?
  • What should I do when my best friend is mad at me?
  • What qualities make a great friend?
  • What's the problem with being friends with benefits?
  • How can I forgive?
  • How do I deal with my parents' divorce?

Most Recent Blogs on Relationships

7 Ways to Support a Friend or Loved One with Depression


I love my friends and family. I don’t want any of them to struggle, suffer, or feel pain, especially not when I feel like I might be able to help. If you love someone who has a depression diagnosis, it can be difficult to know what to do. After all,..Read more

A Condom For The Heart


I remember many years ago, reading an article about condoms. There was a big debate at the time as to whether condoms would slow down the sexual revolution and really make sex safer. There was a quote from a Catholic priest which I’ll never forget. He said, “I’ll believe in condoms..Read more

It Felt So Right


Have you ever wondered, “Is my boyfriend right for me?” Have you stayed in a relationship too long with the wrong person? Are you trying to force a relationship to work when you know it is a lost cause? Then you will relate to this story originally posted on Issues..Read more

7 Reasons to be Just Friends


Just Friends vs. Dating Being  “Just Friends” with someone from the opposite sex that you can just hang out with, while avoiding all the boyfriend/girlfriend drama, can be a real blessing. I wish every teenager and young adult could experience a friendship with someone from the opposite sex with no..Read more

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Free eBook: Understanding a Relationship with God

A guide to understanding the basics of Christianity and a meaningful relationship with God.  Do You Feel Like Life is Meaningless? Are you wondering what your purpose is? Do you have questions about what Christians believe or what it means to be a Christian? At TheHopeLine we believe real and lasting HOPE can only come […]

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