Reach young people in crisis through the world’s only 24-hour Christian crisis line

An unprecedented mental health crisis is ravaging young lives across our nation and world. Record numbers of teens and young adults are staggering toward the abyss.

In the midst of their hurt ... confusion ... abuse ... depression ... anxiety ...
... they think of ending it all.

But together in 2024, we can save many of these young lives. And we must.

Your “Rescue 2024” gift today will help reach, rescue, and restore the lives of even more students and young adults through the transformational truth of God’s love.

Just $1,568 from you will save two lives. $784 will save one life. $127 will underwrite TheHopeLine for an entire life-saving hour — or $63.50 for a half hour.

Please pray. Ask God how generous you can be ... how many young lives He can rescue through you! Then, give as He leads today.

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