Thanks to you, lives defined by CRISIS are being transformed into lives defined by CHRIST!

Your gift today, doubled in impact through the $102,000 RESCUE OUR YOUTH Matching Challenge, will help reach more young people before it’s too late.

As you give today toward the challenge, you’ll help us advance toward these 7 top-priority goals:

1. Expand our Hope Coach team to handle 10,000 interactions a month.
2. Get the word out about TheHopeLine to more teens and young adults.
3. Fund and distribute 1,000 Hope Boxes.
4. Take crucial training to school counselors, churches, parent groups, colleges.
5. Reach out to new partners in giving via events, podcasts, and church meetings.
6. Add key staff members to increase ministry impact.
7. Spread the word via AACC’s Next Gen Mental Health Conference (in Atlanta next April)

Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, the impact of your generosity literally doubled, to help save the lives of twice as many teens and young adults in crisis.

Thank you for giving as generously as possible!

Our team has recently been on TV, blogs, podcasts, and radio stations telling the world about the ministry of TheHopeLine!

Watch, Read, and Listen!
TheHopeLine was founded by youth speaker, author, and Christian radio host Dawson McAllister over 30 years ago.  

Everyday, students and young adults in crisis are given hope through free online resources, email mentors, and the opportunity to chat live with a Hope Coach.

How do students find TheHopeLine?

One of the most effective ways is by placing ads on Google.   

Guess which topic brings the most students to TheHopeLine from Google?

While all three of these topics are popular, if you chose MENTAL HEALTH then you were correct! 
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