JULY 2023
Celebrating God's Work in the Lives of Young People through YOUR Prayers & Giving!
Hearing screams in his head, harming himself, imagining his own death, begging “Lord Satan” to “take my soul” ... a young man we’ll call “Charles” was in agony.

At first, his bondage was so extreme that he couldn’t even bring himself to say the name of Jesus. “Lord Satan won’t let me do this,” he pleaded.

But in a long late-night chat conversation, our Hope Coach firmly, persistently presented the truth of God’s love through Jesus Christ ... and there is power in that name!

Gradually, Charles began to understand that Satan had been lying to him all along.

Finally, he was able to call on Jesus: “Come into my heart.”

A devoted Satan-worshipper came to faith in Christ ... stepping from utter spiritual darkness into the light of the Truth ... thanks to you.

Your generous support for this ministry kept TheHopeLine open that night.

Your giving provided the crucial training that gave our Hope Coach the spiritual tools to wrestle with the powers of darkness. Your compassion, translated into financial support, saved a young man’s life.

You reached him before it was too late.

Thank you for caring enough to give. Thank you for praying. Thank you for being faithful and generous in sharing your Savior with a world in need — especially the multitudes of students and young adults targeted by the enemy.
God bless you for making a powerful, personal impact in the life of young Charles and in the lives of so many others!

Why Me? Why This? Why Now?

We asked people why they support this ministry — and they were more than happy to respond! Here are just a few of their heartfelt comments....
“It’s a beautiful ministry! No strings attached or toxic, “judgy” nature. Just help for those who need it.... This organization is a breath of fresh air ... what I believe Jesus meant when he called us to serve those in need.”
TheHopeLine “provides truth & hope in a world filled with chaos.”
“Effective, honest ministry ... making a difference.”
“TheHopeLine fills a crucial need in our society. There are so many hurt and confused teens and young adults out there. They need help in a way that they will respond to. 24/7 chat is the perfect way to reach them and share Christ, their only hope.”
“You guys are the tip of the spear to keep Satan from killing our kids.”
“When my teenage daughters were struggling with anxiety and depression, TheHopeLine staff gave us encouragement and resources that helped us through.”
Your generous support makes it all possible! Thank you for your Christ-like compassion ... and for translating your love into such a meaningful, tangible form. God bless you!
Ours is a sad story about our daughter Danielle. She was 36, and this October made the choice to take her life. We are devastated — not only about our loss, but because we know we tried everything possible to steer her away from a life that escalated in more and more harsh drug use and could not get her to see how important her life was to us, and God.

I am a Christian Bible Study teacher, grounded in teaching one’s identity through Christ.  I have counseled her for years, she was in/out of rehab multiple times but always thought she had control. We watched our straight-A student, cheerleader, nursing graduate, joyful person follow a path of darkness.
Our faith has kept us strong and clear that we did everything — but only she could make the difference. And for this, we chose this direction: to donate, because we would be overjoyed to save even one person from this tragic situation.

I listen to HIS Radio all the time and found you via Focus on the Family — and I’m grateful for them and you. On behalf of us, and Danielle, stay brave and courageous in this mission, know that we find strength and peace through Him — and shout His name on high!

—Janice and Skip Poole

Our ministry together has never been more important. There are more students and young adults than ever before being engulfed by confusion, by despair, by drugs, by violence, by sin. So we urge you to give as generously as possible right now. You’ll save a young life, by God’s grace. Thank you! God bless you!

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