APRIL 2024
Celebrating God's Work in the Lives of Young People through YOUR Prayers & Giving!
Jon contacted TheHopeLine, running out of options.

“I’m not a useless person by society’s standards,” he shared. “I’m doing my MBBS. In two years, I’ll be a doctor. But I’m the worst and most useless person if you ask me. I welcome death. But I’m such a coward I can’t even kill myself. I’d have to pay someone else to do it.”

A serious years-long addiction to pornography had left Jon feeling ashamed and deeply depressed. “I can’t stand myself for this. I can’t get better. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, man. EVERYTHING. Meditation, self-help books, YouTube videos. But I’m making no practical progress. There’s nothing left for me.”

Thank God for TheHopeLine — and your life-saving ministry through it.

Over the course of an hour-and-a-half conversation, God worked a miracle in Jon’s life. Hope through scripture was shared ... and received. Jon heard about the love of Jesus Christ, His gift of forgiveness, His offer of freedom through salvation.

And Jon did the only thing he hadn’t done yet: He gave his life to Christ. 
“Man, I’m crying,” he typed. “I’m sobbing. I’m so sorry Jesus. I’m a sinner. Please set me free.”
Thank you for setting life-transformation in motion for Jon and so many students and young adults like him who urgently need help ... hope ... and Jesus.

We’re truly grateful for you and your awesome support of our ministry!
You’re making a great impact at a time of unprecedented spiritual and mental oppression for the next generation — offering desperately needed help and hope to young people battling depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicide ... sharing God’s love with the hurting and broken in their moment of crisis.

And because of your generosity, we’ll continue to connect with students and young adults online through our many dynamic outreaches — podcasts, blogs, eBooks, chats with Hope Coaches, prayer initiatives, and more — throughout 2024.

Thank you again for being a part of reaching, rescuing, and restoring lives worldwide, to the glory of God!

The Impact of Your Generosity in 2023!

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Here's what they're saying ...
“I spent hours looking for someone to talk to. I was so lucky I came across this website. It did not disappoint. I feel understood and better about myself now.”
“I chatted online on the site. The person I talked to was understanding, compassionate, and gave the advice I needed. I WILL come back to chat whenever I need someone to talk to again, and I recommend you do, too. They will give their time for you because they care.”
“I came here not expecting to find much, as I’ve tried other places before without results, but instead I felt heard, understood, and able to reflect on why I’m feeling the way I do. And while I’m not a person of faith, those words brought me peace and comfort. Thank you.”
TheHopeLine is the only 24-hour, 7 days a week, Christian crisis line for young people — and through it, you are making a real difference at this moment of unprecedented need in our country and our world.

Please partner with us to keep giving struggling students and young adults hope and Jesus — the only solution to every heartache they face.

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