JULY 2022
Celebrating God's Work in the Lives of Young People through YOUR Prayers & Giving!

Welcome to the Family of God.

"No matter how bad it's been, He can make it better."
These words, spoken by our Hope Coach, were like a healing balm to “Bella’s” soul (not her real name).

She’d been struggling for years —
"So I kinda hate myself,"
she told us. “I can’t stop self-harming. My dad died 4 years ago, and we didn’t have a great relationship and it hurts so much. I feel like a failure and most of all, I just wish I was never born.” She was just 18.

Over the course of the next two hours, Bella and her Hope Coach had a beautiful, transformative conversation.

Bella shared openly about the pain she was feeling — and the suicidal thoughts that were bearing down. The Hope Coach shared wisdom and Scripture that spoke directly to Bella’s need for connection and restoration, which can only be found through a relationship with Christ.

The two prayed together and resources were shared to help Bella continue successfully on her new faith journey. Beautiful words from the chat:
Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary, proven-powerful ministry. The Lord is using you to save young lives! Keep up the good work. Let us hear from you again today!

A Life-Changing Journey to Hope

The powerful redesign of TheHopeLine.com is already changing lives — with new graphics, colors, and ministry that is effectively connecting with today’s students and young adults.

The all-new website, recently launched in March, leads young people through an easy-to-navigate 3-step process offering help and hope.

While you're here, feel free to explore the new site yourself — and thank you for making it all possible, through your prayers and giving!
with Jamison Statema
Director of Branding & Marketing
Q:  What was behind the relaunch of TheHopeLine.com website?

A:  We wanted to improve the process of helping students and young adults in crisis. We did this by clarifying our messaging on the site and creating a process called “The Hope Journey” — which guides them through a simple 3-step process for discovering help and hope.
Q:  What changes did you make to better engage young people?

A:  Our mission is to see lives defined by crisis changed into lives defined by Christ! So engaging students and young adults with the gospel was paramount as we created the new site. One way we’ve done this is by including a link to “The Solution” on every page of the new site — taking our users to a concise but thorough presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also began introducing a spiritual perspective along with Scripture on every one of our topic pages. So regardless of what issue brings a young person to TheHopeLine, they will know we offer hope on every level — emotional, physical, and spiritual.
Q:  Are you seeing positive results since launching the new site?

A:  I’m thrilled to report that individual visitors are spending longer periods of time on the new site, and, most importantly, we are already seeing more young people respond to the Good News of the gospel than before. We are continually working to improve the site and pray that God continues to bless it, for the good of those in need and to His glory!

Radio and Hope Coach Updates!

We're Expanding: Radio Update

TheHopeLine with Dawson McAllister is a 2-minute radio show that airs weekly, Monday through Friday. Each program features relevant issues facing today’s students and young adults, including suicide, depression, anxiety, addiction, struggles with parents and friends, broken relationships, and many more topics. Each one includes a moving conversation between Dawson McAllister and a young person — selected from our library of 8,000 compelling calls.

CSNradio, the largest Christian teaching and talk radio network in the U.S., is now airing this radio program on 385 of its stations, all over the country.

It is a powerful tool to help the listening audience of Christian talk radio, parents, and grandparents, connect with the young people in their lives.

Truth & Love in Every Chat:
Hope Coach Update

Our Hope Coaches are delivering the message of Christ’s love to students and young people in tremendous need.

They are covering 17 hours of hope coaching daily, with a goal to expand to 24/7 by the end of this year.

Please pray for this sacrificial group of dedicated Hope Coaches, who are sharing compassion with truth in love for students and young adults in crisis. Pray that they will be full of the Spirit and the Word of God in every communication — meeting needs, offering hope through Christ, and winning young people to the Lord.

Your support in giving and prayer is vital to our ministry together. Young people are in great despair. The current rates of suicide and suicide attempts are shocking. But your gift today will help us intervene. Thank you again!

Tired of The Problem?  Try the Solution.

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