Celebrating God's Work in the Lives of Young People through YOUR Prayers & Giving!
This is how a 16-year-old-girl we’ll call Hannah felt ... and it was eating her alive.

But by God’s grace, and thanks to you, she found a safe place to talk on TheHopeLine.

She’d been missing school ... failing almost every class ... struggling to concentrate or feel motivated at all with how bad things were at home.

And she kept it all inside.

“My school place will call foster care,” Hannah typed in. “I don’t have a good relationship with anyone in my family, my friends aren’t mature enough to handle it ... and I just don’t know who to tell. I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know what to do.”

She desperately needed someone to talk to. Someone to listen.

And when the Hope Coach asked, “What is going on?” ... it all came rushing out.

Hannah was a child of rape.

Her mom struggled with mental illness — in and out of jail, on and off the streets for most of Hannah’s life.

Though her grandparents had custody, Hannah’s mom periodically lived in the house with them. Abusing drugs ... and Hannah. Her school saw bruises and called foster care.

Now, Hannah is back home and — thankfully — no longer being hurt physically ... but life is extremely dysfunctional as her mom panhandles for drugs, and they struggle to buy food.

“I am safe and not being hurt. It’s just a stressful situation ... mentally I feel so much worse,” Hannah wrote.

That’s when the Hope Coach started sharing about God — a God who listens, a God who is trustworthy, a God who loves.

“I really really needed to hear this,” Hannah typed back. “I want to have that connection with Him, I just don’t even know where to start.”

The Hope Coach explained just how easy it was — a simple prayer to invite Him in.

Hannah prayed the prayer her Hope Coach typed out — every word — and accepted Jesus as her Savior that night!
This is the power of your generosity. Thank you for giving, so Hannah could find the God who listens — and thank you for giving this gift to another young person in crisis today!

How HOPE Breaks Through

20 Hope Coaches.  1 Hope Bot.  And You!

Outstanding news! At press time, we’re now staffing 1,200 hours of Hope Coaching every single month — a milestone accomplishment that could not have been reached without each and every member of the life-saving team the Lord has brought together:

20 HOPE COACHES. Some new faces. Others with us for years. All serving remotely via the internet from wherever they call “home” — spanning every time zone of the continental US, plus Hawaii, and even South Africa! All trained in evangelism, QPR suicide intervention, and responding to human trafficking, trauma, abuse, and much more — many with “day jobs” as counselors, missionaries, or pastors. All ready to share God’s love and hope with young people in crisis.

1 HOPE BOT. This is our “Virtual Coach” named Hope, who acts as a “chat concierge.” Hope keeps troubled young people engaged and online with us, offering interactive resources around the issue they want to chat about.

YOU. A prayer warrior who lifts up hurting young people and prepares the way for transformation. A generous partner who provides the means to keep our live chat Hope Coaching online 24/7. A compassionate friend who makes it possible for hope to break through chats with our Hope Coaches and Hope Bot every single day!
Thank you for being part of this all-star team, reaching the next generation with God’s love. Please join us in celebrating this win — and take joy in knowing the critical part you’ve played.

"It all started one Sunday night..."

Siblings celebrate 25 years of life-saving impact!
Lori Morrow and Mike Keller — siblings from Port Trevorton, PA — are a lot like you.

They work hard, owning and running two companies. They love the Lord and strive to honor Him in all they do. And they have a heart for reaching, rescuing, and restoring young lives — a passion that Mike says “all started one Sunday night when Lori was listening to Christian radio.”

Hearing our late founder, Dawson McAllister, speak with a troubled teen, Lori found her heart moved — both by the teen’s story and by Dawson’s message of hope in Jesus’ name.

“I’ve found a ministry we need to support,” Lori told her brother, urging him to listen to Dawson’s radio program. And the rest is history.

“When I saw how the ministry was changing young people’s lives, I was hooked,” Mike remembers. He and Lori gave their first gift in 1998 — 25 years ago — and haven’t stopped!

Mike’s passion only grew during a personal phone conversation in which Dawson shared his ministry vision in the words of CT Studd: “I want to run a rescue shop, within a yard of hell.”

“That thought moved me,” Mike says, “and I wanted to help fund such a rescue shop.”

“Lori and I could not be happier to have watched this whole ministry unfold and the work of the Lord take off,” Mike adds. “The Hope Coaches make such a difference in people’s lives! We just feel honored and humbled to be able to share some of the financial blessings with which God has blessed us.”

What a joy it is to partner with Lori and Mike — and generous friends like you — in our life-saving ministry to teens and young adults! Thank you!

We see it happen again and again: You unleash the love of Jesus in online chats with students and young adults like Hannah ... and His hope breaks through to overcome the darkness.  Thank you for offering another gift of hope today, to reach another young person in crisis with the life-saving gift of God's transforming love!

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