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Thanks to you, lives defined by CRISIS are being transformed into lives defined by CHRIST!
TheHopeLine was founded by youth speaker, author, and Christian radio host Dawson McAllister over 30 years ago.  

Everyday, students and young adults in crisis are given hope through free online resources, email mentors, and the opportunity to chat live with a Hope Coach.  

America’s young people are in crisis. But there is HOPE in Jesus Christ. How many lives will you help save by the power of God’s love?

Anxiety. Depression. Loneliness. Thoughts of self-harm ... and even suicide.

The need is intense — and growing daily. But you can make a difference.

Please stand with us right now to save the lives young people on the brink of suicide — before it’s too late!

Your Rescue 2023 gift right now will:
• Empower our broadcasts, online ministry, Hope Coaches, and much more.
• Intervene for a teen or young adult in that crucial moment between life and death.
• Offer the only hope that changes lives ... saves lives ... and gives NEW life: Jesus!

Your “Rescue 2023” donation of $689, or a gift of $344.50 paired with one friend today, will save one student or young adult from suicide.

Just $127 will underwrite TheHopeLine for a full hour — or $63.50 for a half hour.

Please pray. Ask God how generous you can be ... how many young lives He can rescue through you! Then, give as He leads today.

How do students find TheHopeLine?

One of the most effective ways is by placing ads on Google.   

Guess which topic brings the most students to TheHopeLine from Google?

While all three of these topics are popular, if you chose MENTAL HEALTH then you were correct! 
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