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Thanks to you, lives defined by CRISIS are being transformed into lives defined by CHRIST!
TheHopeLine was founded by youth speaker, author, and Christian radio host Dawson McAllister over 30 years ago.  

Everyday, students and young adults in crisis are given hope through free online resources, email mentors, and the opportunity to chat live with a Hope Coach.  

How do students find TheHopeLine?

One of the most effective ways is by placing ads on Google.   

Guess which topic brings the most students to TheHopeLine from Google?

While all three of these topics are popular, if you chose MENTAL HEALTH then you were correct! 
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Please make a gift today that topples every stronghold of despair and pain to reveal a brighter future ... the life-saving gift of God’s transforming love.

You know the problems all too well — depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicide ... all on the rise, especially now in the isolation of winter. But you’re also part of the life-saving solution.

Even as hope is becoming harder and harder for young people to find in our world today ... you’re making it easier and easier for them to find it on TheHopeLine, straight from the source: Jesus Christ!

• Your gift today will share God’s love with the hurting and broken in their moment of crisis.

• And because of your generosity, we’ll continue to connect with them online through our many dynamic outreaches — podcasts, blogs, eBooks, chats with Hope Coaches, prayer initiatives, and more.

Thank you for making it possible — and for sharing His life-saving hope with young people in need.

Did you know...

...that our new 2-minute radio feature TheHopeLine with Dawson McAllister is being played daily on 496 radio stations?  Listen to our latest episodes below!

Tired of The Problem?  Try the Solution.

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