Free eBook: Understanding Bullying and Cyberbullying an Epidemic of Violence

"Why Are They Bullying Me?"

Did You Know…Every Day 160,000 Students Stay Home From School To Avoid A Bully?

Bullying is an act of aggression towards someone, and can take on many forms.  Anyone can be the target of bullying. Every day activities like going to school can be overwhelming. Taking a stand and alerting those in authority are essential to stop the hurtful, damaging cycle of bullying and cyberbullying.  Included in this eBook are the types of bullying, how to deal with a bully or how to help a friend that is being bullied.  Simply fill out the form to download your free eBook today.

In this eBook:

  • 28 page magazine-style eBook with photos, audio and video.
  • Especially relevant, audio calls and stories from teens and young adults experiencing bullying.  
  • Included are the types of bullying and ways to deal with it. 
  • Most important, what signs to look for if you suspect someone is being bullied and how to help them.
  • Plus, how to get help if you are being bullied.
  • In addition, instructional videos on how to disarm a bully and how to respond to a bully with love.
  • Also, a chapter on understanding cyberbullying and what to do.
  • And finally, as spiritual perspective on bullying.

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