Talk to God, wherever you are, and He will hear you.

God already knows everything about you, so be honest.  He can handle your truth.  Admit what you've done wrong, ask for forgiveness, and surrender your life to Him.

If you're not sure what to say, here is a sample prayer to help.
Thank you for creating me and for loving me.  I am tired of living my own way.  I need help and I'm asking You to be in charge of my life.  I am sorry for all the ways I have messed up and sinned against you.  Please forgive me.  I believe that Your son, Jesus, died on the cross for my sins, rose from the dead, and has the power to forgive me for all I've done wrong.  I surrender my life to You and want to live Your way, not mine.

If you prayed this prayer, welcome to the family of God!

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