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TheHopeLine is a safe place. A place where we understand the struggles you face. After more than 25 years of reaching teenagers and young adults and meeting them where they are at…after countless one-on-one conversations, after thousands of abuse reports and suicide interventions, after dealing with eating disorders, cutting, and substance abuse, and after speaking truth over every kind of spiritual confusion and dysfunction imaginable, the Dawson McAllister Association, parent organization of TheHopeLine, has demonstrated a deep and special commitment to pulling teenagers and young adults out of harm’s way.


The Birth of TheHopeLine®

Two major endeavors had their birth in 1991. In January it was the launch of the Christian radio show.

A call-in talk radio show for teenagers was a radical idea at the time, but it began to work almost instantly. Stations were being added quickly and more and more teenagers were calling in every week.

But after a few months it became painfully clear that for many, a 5 minute on-air conversation was not nearly enough. Their problems were often deep and painful. Dawson realized that the show needed a “back-end,” a place for further help for the caller

October was the landmark month when Dawson began inviting listeners to call in to the new off-air, “let’s talk” TheHopeLine.

In those days it was telephones only. No chat, no computers or databases, no call center technology; not even a website. Just a toll-free number, and a handful of dedicated folks who were committed to listening, to straight talk and to sharing love and compassion.

By 2009 TheHopeLine website was launched with Dawson’s very popular weekly blog addressing the very topics young people were calling him about on the radio show.

Over the years TheHopeLine has offered hope to the hurting in a variety of ways and on a variety of platforms that were always effective in reaching teens and young adults. TheHopeLine has always strived to stay current and to mold our outreach to meet teens and young adults where they are at.

So today, in 2017, we have gone completely digital. We have moved the Dawson McAllister Live radio show off of traditional radio to streaming radio and are producing content rich Podcasts. We continue to offer one-on-one live chats for people in need, but are also committed to enhancing our website to include a depth of resources on the topics we know to be the most prevalent for today. We offer help and hope to all people at the click of a button.

The Future of TheHopeLine®

Rescuing young adults in crisis is personal, intense, and messy, but there are millions who need to hear that they are loved, they can make better choices, and their lives can change. We have learned how to do it effectively … and we continue to grow in expertise. Every day, 24/7, we are meeting young people at the point of their need, even those in far flung countries around the world.

A chatter from Australia wrote, “Last night I spoke on live chat with one of the people here and after we finished I started feeling better, I see hope. I got up and shaved, and put on a fresh shirt and today even went to get something to eat. I feel much better and I know its not much but I would like to donate something as I know you have helped me when I was in the dark hole. I know I’m not cured but I see hope, and I’m sure it was because of that chat and prayer I received! And who knows, maybe I am worth saving after all.”

Our goal for TheHopeLine® is to continue to provide practical help for the serious issues people face through our top-notch resources and partner organizations, as well as provide real and lasting Hope in Jesus.