7 Ways to See the Positive Side of Quarantine


How to Look at Quarantine Positively

You can acknowledge the sadness of Coronavirus and the difficult emotions it brings. But it is important to not despair or give up hope. There are mindset changes you can make to find the silver lining in taking safety precautions and spending more time at home.

1. Thinking of the precautions we are taking as helping others – First and foremost, we are doing our part to keep our friends, family, and communities safe whenever we take precautions. Each sacrifice of comfort and convenience we make is an act of love for our friends, our family, our neighbors.

2. Being thankful for the scientific advancements – Think of how much more we understand about COVID-19, the symptoms, and ways to prevent the spread than we did at the beginning of the year. We know the scientists and doctors around the world are working together to determine the safest treatments, vaccinations, and preventative measures the public can take. Expressing gratitude for these advancements, and the constant labor of doctors, nurses, and scientist, can help us think about the news of the day with a more positive outlook.

3. Getting to know your friends and family better – Is there a friend or family member you would like to get to know better, or an older family member who might be especially lonely since they are under greater restrictions? Set aside time each week to get to know people close to you on a phone or video call.

4. Helping others – Coronavirus has brought tremendous economic hardship for many communities. We have more opportunities than ever to help our neighbors. There are safe ways to help food banks and homeless shelters as well as acts of love we can share with our neighbors. Reaching out will remind us there is still good in the world, even during a dark time.

5. Using the time for reflection – Time to ourselves can feel lonely, but we can use it for positive reflection. Celebrate everything you can. Write down what you have achieved or accomplished this year. Find joy in the little things. With all the challenges we are facing this year, every victory is worth a celebration.

6. Giving thanks to God – Give thanks to God for the good that remains in your life. Perhaps you have found love, friendship, and peace of mind in unexpected places. God has not abandoned you. Turn to Him and give your worries and fears.

7. Digging deeper into goals and growth – This season is a good time to focus on what is important, since the activities that normally distract us are put on hold. Have you been wanting to be a better friend or sibling? Have you been wondering how to be more content on your own? Are you looking for ways to break free of harmful behavior or an addictive habit? All these are possible, even while the world copes with COVID-19. And you can start your journey of growth and healing here.

Our HopeCoaches are trained to offer encouragement in hard times, and we are here to help you find joy. Talk to a HopeCoach today about how you're feeling, how you'd like to change your thinking, and how you'd like to grow. You can move forward, you can find hope, and you're not alone.

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