Abbie's Story - Coping with Sexual Abuse

I grew up in a home where I was sexually abused by my father on a daily basis until the age of 19. I was also abused by my step grandfather from the age of 6-17. I always blamed myself and would tell myself that I deserved this.  I was always told that I was damaged goods now and that no man would ever want me. My father got me pregnant twice and I had one abortion and gave a child up for adoption. The pain, hurt, shame and guilt were too much to bear, and I had several suicide attempts. I also resorted to cutting so that I could feel again, as I was so numb and needed an escape. I reached out for help and spoke with someone at TheHopeLine and that has been a huge help.

Thank you!!

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4 comments on “Abbie's Story - Coping with Sexual Abuse”

  1. Look at my post, Nicole.
    You are Special, you are strong, you are more than wonderful, you are Beautiful, this was not your fault. Overcome, because you are Precious.
    Love Always
    The Invisible Man
    "I'm not invisible, in just never seen in public, because the public doesn't want me around."

  2. You are wonderful, just because someone had to destroy your innocence didn't mean your worth any less, no, it means they are nothing, you are beautiful, and wonderful, you are Loved, you are Unique. No one can remove the past, but you have a future.
    Love Always
    The Invisible man

  3. I was abused at ages 5 through 8 by 2 teenagers 13 and 14 who were both girls. I am a girl too. My parents still do not believe that it happened and I'm almost 33. I was molested at 4 by a neighbor boy.

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