Covered My Pain with an Eating Disorder and Self-Harm

I started out with an eating disorder when I was fifteen-years-old.  I had my first hospitalization at age sixteen. I had twenty-seven more after that...some lasting a year. I've also been to a half-way house and day programs. An eating disorder wasn't enough for me to cover my pain so I also often put myself into an altered state of being with the self-harm.

Believing the Lies

I thought these things were keeping me safe from facing the real world, but that was all a lie.
After so many years lost and suffering and believing the lies that these behaviors were protecting me,  I was finally able to trust God with my fears. I was always a Christian, but never able to surrender my fears to God. Now I know how good He is and how trusting God is far better than anything else the world offers.

Moving Toward Balance: Healthy Goals

Facing my Fears

The Lord has helped me face my fears and I no longer need to use an eating disorder or self-harm to cover and control my pain. I am now happier than I ever was when I turned to these harmful behaviors. They never kept me safe. It was just a lie.
The enemy will lie to us in so many ways and if we buy into them, they will eventually kill us, unless we choose to trust the One who loves us and protects us and helps us when life gets difficult. No one is too far gone, has been ill for too long, or is too lost that Jesus can't reach them.
We have to choose to trust Him. To take that step of trust from the familiar to the not so familiar. Jesus will help you if you give Him the chance. He will make everything beautiful in its time. God is so good.
- Julie

If you can relate to Julie's story, the Hope she found is available to you as well. You can learn more about God - here. We also encourage you to check out our resources on Eating Disorders and Self-Harm.

Photo Credit: Julian Santa Ana

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