I was going through the typical divorce of parents… and yes it is common and normal but what is not normal is the pain and hurt you go through. No one prepares you for the pain you’re gonna go through in life until it actually hits you. One day I had just been done. Tired with the confusion and trying to reason with why I had to got through this. I then stumbled upon TheHopeLine® on google and the Lord blessed me with Donald to speak to and it was a miracle to have him help me find solutions on ways to cope with this. After we conversed we had time to reflect on how the Lord puts things in our life and even though it may be something super hard, the Lord will never abandon us…how can we be so sure??? He tells us in the Bible! Donald and I were able to pray together and TheHopeLine® and him were truly a blessing! Thank you so much Donald and TheHopeLine®!

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