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  • How to Deal with Anger EP 23

    How to Deal with Anger: EP 23

    Emotional Stuffing, Misplaced Anger, and Rage In This Episode: I’m glad you are listening to this podcast dealing with anger. Everybody struggles with it: you, me and the guy down the street. That’s why God speaks about it so much in the Bible. I had a chance to talk with 3 people: Evie, Donald and…

  • Relationship Disasters - What Not to Do

    Relationship Disasters – What Not to Do: EP 22

    Questions to Ask Before Starting to Date In This Episode: Even before you begin to date, there are some questions you need to ask yourself and then answer which could save you from a lot of pain, heartache and relationship disasters. In this episode, I talk with Dustin about his unrealistic expectations with dating. Then…

  • EP 21 Dawson McAllister Podcast is your toxic relationship sucking the life out of you

    Is Your Toxic Relationship Sucking the Life out of You? EP 21

    Above All Else, Guard Your Heart… In This Episode: Do you have a relationship sucking the life and energy from you? Maybe you don’t even realize your relationship is dragging you down. If it’s poisoning your self-esteem and happiness then chances are it’s extremely toxic, which means…time to get out! In this episode, I talk…

  • EP 20 How to Deal with Anxiety

    How to Deal with Anxiety: EP 20

    Anxiety Is Real and Can Be Overwhelming In This Episode: We all get nervous, worried, stressed, and fearful from time to time. For example, when speaking in public, going through a financial hardship, or when having trouble in a difficult relationship. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about a looming event…

  • Compulsive Lying is a Habit

    How Can I Stop Lying? EP 19

    You Can Turn Away from Compulsive Lying In This Episode: Since mankind began, lying has been a tragic part of our lives. So awful is it, so terrible is its consequences, God forbids it in the 10 commandments. He said, do not lie (Leviticus 19:11). And in Proverbs 12:22, God spoke again and said, “Lying…

  • The Dawson McAllister Podcast. How do I stop gambling.

    How do I Stop My Gambling Addiction? EP 18

    The Adrenaline Rush of Gambling is Overwhelming In This Episode: I Like the Rush of Gambling The love of money is so gripping, it can cause us to wander away from God and lead us into all kinds of trouble, where we have broken hearts with many sorrows. And we don’t just break our own…

  • Can't Stop Thinking About your ex? How to Move on From Your Ex

    How To Move On From Your Ex : EP 17

    Getting Over Your Ex is Not Easy In This Episode: You’ve been in a relationship with someone and now that relationship is over. You have ties to that person which are hard to break. Sometimes, it’s tremendously harder to move on from them than you thought it would be. If you’re having a hard time…

  • Dawson McAllister Podcast EP 16 What If I'm Pregnant and Not Ready?

    What If I’m Pregnant and Not Ready?: EP 16

    It Can Be Stressful to Have an Unplanned Pregnancy In This Episode: If your pregnant and it’s unexpected, it can be quite a shock! You might be wondering who to turn to and what to do. In this episode, I speak with Kayla, Lee, and Tarah. They are all in very different situations but each…

  • The Dawson McAllister Podcast EP 15 I Can't Believe They Cheated on Me

    I Can’t Believe They Cheated on Me!: EP 15

    Going Through the Pain of Being Cheated On In This Episode: Let’s talk about cheating again but tackle the other side of it, What to do when you’ve been cheated on! Last podcast (episode 14), I talked with Josh, Sean and Ameera who did the cheating. This episode, I speak with Tabitha, James and Katelynn,…

  • I Had Sex and Cheated, Should I Confess EP 14

    I Had Sex and Cheated, Should I Confess?: EP 14

    Facing the Consequences of Cheating. Sometimes You Make Choices and Sometimes Your Choices Make You. In This Episode: Let’s talk about cheating. People have different ideas of what they think it is. It all comes down to betraying your partner by doing something intimate with another, which he or she would not approve. Here’s a…

  • Are Your parents against your relationship

    Are Your Parents Against Your Relationship?: EP 13

    What to Do When Parents Don’t Approve of Your Relationship. Are Your Parents Against Your Relationship? In This Episode: What do you do when your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents hate you? What do you do when your parents don’t want you with your boyfriend or girlfriend? This episode answers those questions. First, we start with…

  • Addiction, Boyfriends and willing to rescue a friend.

    Tattoos, Cigarettes, and A Friend Using Weed: EP 11

    Need Help in Taking the Next Right Step? In This Episode: Worried Her Grandma Won’t Like Her Tattooed Boyfriend Tara’s boyfriend has a lot of tattoos. Her grandmother was already concerned when she found out he had a mohawk. What’s she going to think when she meets him for the first time and sees all of his…

  • you cant let excuses stop you from facing reality with addiction, eating disorders and cheating.

    You Can’t Let Excuses Stop You from Facing Reality : EP 10

    Bring it to the Light, It Will Be Alright Addiction, Eating Disorders, Cheating…You Don’t Have to Do This Alone. In This Episode: This episode covers addiction, eating disorders and cheating. Join me in my conversations with Casey, Mackenzie, and Corey. Each of them in need of sound, Godly counsel. Casey’s baby is in desperate need…

  • Episode 9 of the Dawson McAllister Podcast Ronnie's life changing decision to have a relationship with God

    Ronnie’s Life Changing Decision: EP 9

    Is Your Life a Mess? Find Hope and Peace Through a Relationship with God. In This Episode: Some of our problems are so great, only God can solve them. He is the only one who has the power to rescue us and transform our lives. In this episode, I have a heart to heart talk…

  • Amy's mother abandoned her

    Amy’s Mother Abandoned Her: EP 8

    How to Heal from Mother Abandonment. In This Episode: For 14 years, Amy was practically raising herself, while her mom was in the bars drinking. Amy’s mom wasn’t there for her when she needed her the most. The hurt Amy has from her mom abandoning her has continued into her adult life. Mother abandonment is…

  • EP 7: What Happens if you don't forgive? Can Cody Forgive His Mom?

    Can Cody Forgive His Mom?: EP 7

    How to Forgive Those Who Have Deeply Hurt You. In This Episode: No doubt there is at least one person in your life you need to forgive. This person has deeply hurt you, violated you and caused you tremendous pain. What the person did to you is inexcusable but it is forgivable. Forgiving them means…

  • EP 6: Don't Buy the lie, buy the truth. Carmen's Deep Self-Esteem Wounds

    Carmen’s Deep Self-Esteem Wounds: EP 6

    What to Do When You Hate Yourself. In This Episode: At one time or another, we’ve all been disgusted with ourselves and wallowed in the world of self-loathing. You might not have said, “I hate myself,” but no doubt you have believed horrible lies about who you are. These lies are called false beliefs. They…

  • EP5: You don't fall in love, you fall in ditches. Rachel questions if she's in love.

    Rachel Questions if She’s in Love: EP 5

    How to Know if You’re in Love. In This Episode: You don’t fall in love, you fall in ditches. Having a loving relationship is not something that just happens. Romantic love is a deep emotional need and an act of the will, based on a clear understanding of the other person. It takes a lot…

  • EP 4: Are you in love or are you in lust. Lust invaded Breanna's relationship

    Lust Invaded Breanna’s Relationship: EP 4

    How to Stop Lust from Invading Your Life. In This Episode: Everyone who’s currently dating or hopes to have a relationship, needs to ask themselves this question… Am I allowing desire to take over my relationships or even my life? Lust is extremely powerful and often misunderstood, causing all kinds of confusion. Some people get caught…

  • If you haven't had a broken heart yet, chances are you will

    Jacob’s Broken Heart: EP 3

    How to Overcome a Broken Heart. In This Episode: When it comes to relationships, one of the most asked questions is, “How can I overcome a broken heart?” If you haven’t had your heart  broken yet, there’s a good chance you will. To be in love is to be vulnerable to the other person so…

  • EP 2 Have you let a relationship with your father define you? Chrstina's father hunger.

    Christina’s Father Hunger: EP 2

    How to Find Healing From the Damage of Fatherlessness. In This Episode: Father hunger is a lack of sufficient fathering which is extremely impactful to a person’s life for good or bad. I will explain to you how you can heal from the damage of an absent father. Then, I’ll give you practical ways to…

  • EP 1 What does it mean to have a love addiction? Abbie's love addiction

    Abbie’s Love Addiction: EP 1

    What Does It Mean to Have a Love Addiction?   In This Episode: “So, Dawson, what does it mean to be a love addict?” I’m glad you asked. A love addict is someone who seeks to maintain a relationship, no matter how unhealthy or one-sided it may be, in the hope of receiving love and…

  • The Dawson McAllister Podcast helping teens and young adults find hope!

    The Dawson McAllister Podcast

    Podcast Launch I have some very important news for you. After 26 years on broadcast radio, I have decided to move everything online. I am creating a new show, called The Dawson McAllister Podcast, which is available on my website, TheHopeLine.com. Here’s a brief intro to my new podcast: I am going to take a deep dive into…

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Dawson McAllister gifted youth communicator and radio host going digital on Podcasts.

More than 40 years ago, God called Dawson as a spokesman to, and for, the American teenager. Dawson has written 18 books designed specifically to reach teenagers. In the 1970s he pioneered the Dawson McAllister Student Conference, a youth group conference model that over 20 years grew to arena-sized events and resulted in more than a million students learning deep truths about the Kingdom of God. Over 100,000 made decisions to follow Christ.

In January 1991, God gave Dawson and his team a new opportunity: To reach young people through Christian radio. Starting on five stations, his call-in talk show, Dawson McAllister Live! (DMLive), grew to 250 stations. In 1994 it was voted National Religious Broadcasters’ Talk Show of the Year.

While the reach of radio was startling, more was needed to rescue young people from their deep dilemmas. In late 1991, Dawson founded TheHopeLine — an off-air rescue line where more than 1.2 million one-on-one conversations have provided emotional and spiritual triage for 13- to 29-year-olds who were struggling with everything from addiction to despair. Since 2010, TheHopeLine’s HopeCoaches have also handled more than 30,000 suicide interventions. In addition, Dawson and his team have built a Christian community of care, making tens of thousands of annual referrals to nearly 20 trusted partners.

In 2005, God led DMA to pioneer once again by creating a Top 40 version of Dawson McAllister Live! It began airing on Top 40 stations in January 2006 and aired nationwide for more than 10 years, delivering “clear thinking and right values” to hundreds of thousands each week.

Today, Dawson has launched yet another new version of his award-winning call-in show. Dawson McAllister Live! online is available exclusively at www.dmlive.com, as is his weekly topic-driven podcast.

Dawson did his undergraduate work at Bethel College in Minnesota and his graduate studies at Talbot Seminary in California.  He has an honorary doctorate from Biola University. When not in the studio, he is at home with this family on a farm just south of Nashville, TN.