Why Do I Keep Dating Losers?

How to stop getting into bad dating relationships to find the right one.

Free eBook: Understanding Dating Relationships

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Free eBook: Understanding Dating Relationships

Do You Seem Caught in an Endless Cycle of Bad Dating Relationships?

The minute one relationship ends are you on to another? Are you ready to find the right one? Do you want to stop the madness? This eBook will help you examine why you repeatedly end up with the same type of person in your dating relationships and why they end unsatisfying or unsuccessful. Simply fill out the form to receive your free eBook from TheHopeLine today.

In this eBook:

  • 36-page magazine-style eBook with photos, audio and video.
  • Real audio calls, stories and music videos from young adults experiencing relationship problems.
  • 8 eye-opening reasons why you continually get into bad relationships.
  • How to tell if the relationship is really love or is it just sex.
  • Tips to finding a good, long-lasting relationship.
  • Included is a dating quiz and important tips just for girls and one just for guys.
  • And, how to help a friend struggling with a dating relationship.