Why Are They Lying To Me?

A Guide to Understanding Why People Lie and How to Stop.

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Free eBook: Understanding Lying

Lying can easily become a dangerous cycle to fall into.

Many people lie for various reasons, like trying to make themselves look better in front of others or to hide a painful truth. No matter what the rationale, lying can easily become a dangerous cycle to fall into. If you struggle with lying or are unable to free yourself from the cycle of it, there is hope and help for you.  Simply fill out the form to receive your free eBook today.

In this eBook:

  • 22-page magazine-style eBook with photos and information and answers to your questions.
  • Real audio calls and stories from people struggling with the need to lie.
  • Included is a worksheet to start working on telling the truth.
  • Answers to why people lie and the types of lies they tell.
  • How to cope with someone who is lying to you and how how to help a friend.
  • Tips to forgive and move on after being lied to.
  • And, benefits of living an honest life.