Finding Hope After Abuse from Her Father

My Story Leaving Abuse

Life of Abuse

I was raised in a very dysfunctional family. My parents fought all the time and my dad was very abusive in all ways. My mom took this abuse all through the marriage for 32 years. I had no choice but to live with this. I only had a little peace when in school or gone to camp. I was so scared of my dad, I didn’t want to come home.
I was raised in church and had gone to church camp but had never given my life to Christ. Having no healthy father-figure in my life, I looked to others to fulfill my needs. It caused a lot of hurt and more scars.

Relieved of All Despair and Hopelessness

Then at the age of 17, my dad went into the hospital and I went to a revival with my aunt and came to know Jesus as my Savior. I was relieved of all the despair and hopelessness. I was always reading the Bible and praying. At this time, my father was in the hospital with a really bad infection and had his foot amputated. He came home for 3 weeks to heal until he went to rehab to learn how walk with a prosthesis.
My mom and I had come to a place we didn’t want him to come home. I was praying he would change, but he was the same. This all happened when I was a junior in high school, but when I graduated, I took my mom and we left. It was a new life for us to live on our own and work in the public.

Recognize Abuse

Power of Prayer

I prayed, and God worked in ways only he could for many years.  Now my mom has retired, and we needed to have medical care, so we moved together and got the care we need.
I praise God for The Prayer Show with Dawson and Rachel. They have prayed for me as I still struggle with my father hunger. Through all the prayers and Dawson’s blogs and podcast, I’ve come to forgive my father with total forgiveness. Jesus is the only answer to all the problems we will face. I love my Savior. Jesus changed my life, don’t delay your decision on letting Jesus be your Savior!!

Feel trapped in an abusive situation? Listen to Dawson McAllister as he talks to young adults dealing with emotionally and verbally abusive parents here. 

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