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6 Self-Help Skills for Coping With PTSD

I have talked with a lot of people who have faced traumatic events in their life.  Many of them have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and don’t even realize it.  If you have faced a traumatic event in your life and are having a hard time coping, you may have PTSD. PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is…

mental illness is not weakness


Consider this. In America: 14 million people die of cancer every year 25 million people have asthma 29.1 million people develop diabetes 53 million people have arthritis 61.5 million have a mental illness So I have to ask, if 61.5 million American’s are struggling with a mental illness, making it more common than diabetes or…

How to Deal with Anxiety, You Can’t Just Toughen Up

Anxiety Disorders, “ You can’t just toughen up.” Shelby wrote to us and said: Living with an anxiety disorder (and one as complex as mine) you just have to learn to keep your mouth shut and keep everything bottled up inside because the second you let it out, your labeled as crazyor out of control….

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in social situations, especially around people you’ve never met?  Are you envious of that person who is always the life of the party,appearing so confident, and having fun, even in new situations. If you have given up hope that you will ever be less than awkward in a social setting….

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#PTSD What is it and do I have it?

Have you ever wondered, “What is PTSD?” And maybe you have asked yourself, “Do I have it?” On my radio show I so often hear these types of statements: “I keep re-living the time I was raped.” “I don’t feel anything anymore, I have no emotions. I’m just numb after all the abuse I went…