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How To Deal With Father Hunger

I’ve had a few fears about writing this blog. I’ve been afraid it would become too heavy and few people would read it. Then I received your incredible, meaningful, and insightful comments on Father Hunger. I realized then, trying to find healing from Father Hunger is a big, big deal. The poll showed that 90%…

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Sex and Father Hunger

Sex and Father Hunger I’ve been thinking a lot about why girls give in to guys.  It’s almost at epidemic proportions.  I am saddened when I hear about so many girls who thought they were in love become devastated by giving in to guys when it wasn’t love at all.  So why do girls give in…

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Reaching Out For A Father

Reaching Out for a Father Last week I spent quite a bit of time talking about dealing with Father Hunger. There was so much more I wanted to say. I mean we could spend hours talking about this important issue. So I want to add a couple more thoughts about it. Make sure you read…