How to Stand Up to Boyfriend's Mom Who's a Bully?

Krisna’s boyfriend’s mom ignores their child. She’s used to bullying and pushing around her son, but Krisna doesn’t like it one bit.

Boyfriend's a Mama's Boy 


Krisna: Well, me and my boyfriend have been together since 2006. When I first met him, he had a daughter. She was 9 months at the time.

Now, I’ve followed him to 2 states, finally we made residence, and now we have a 7-month-old daughter together. And his mother, when I first met her, was nice, cool…everything was great. But now I hate her guts and she hates mine. And the bad part about it is – she treats the children different. She treats his older daughter as if she’s a princess, nothing’s wrong with her, she’s just God’s gift. And she treats my daughter like she doesn’t exist.

Dawson: Well, she needs to move out. Someone needs to move out.

Krisna: She has her own place and everything. The point is that ever since we’ve had the baby together it’s been this way. Ever since my baby’s been born, she’s only held my daughter twice – on the second day she was born and maybe a month ago.

Dawson: What’s your boyfriend think about this?

Krisna: He just says, “Oh, well, she’ll just have to grow attached to the baby. Give it some time.” But when the oldest daughter had a birthday, she turned 2. And at the birthday party, his first baby’s mama came to the party, and she treated the first baby mama as if she was golden. The party was at my house, and she treated me like I didn’t exist.

Dawson: You know what, Krisna? She’s been bullying and pushing your boyfriend around for years.

Krisna: Yeah, because he’s a mama’s boy.


Dawson: And along comes Krisna. Krisna is now in the way. Krisna is now taking a stand and being a woman, and mama can’t throw her weight around like she used to. And she’s really upset.

It’s time for your boyfriend to stand up to her.

Krisna: That is the point. He keeps trying to do this, saying, “That’s my mom. She’s the only one I got.” I’ve stood up to her before, and that’s why now no one in the family is talking to her, but everyone blames it on me. It’s like I told him, that when we first got together and I first met him, I told my dad about him. It took him 6 months to tell anyone in his family about me. I keep bringing it up, saying if you would have told people about me when we first got together then everything would be different, but I feel you didn’t tell people about me. You were ashamed of me.

Dawson: Krisna, your boyfriend lacks some guts. Your daughter can’t stay in an abusive relationship. And either his mother is going to treat your daughter with respect, and love, and kindness or you’re not going over there with that baby.

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