Is It a Problem That I’m a Christian and My Boyfriend’s Agnostic?

Samantha’s boyfriend has been so great to her. The only downfall is she’s a Christian and he’s agnostic.

I Am a Christian My Boyfriend is Agnostic


Samantha: I’m dating a guy and we’ve been dating for a little over 2 months. He is one of the best things that’s come into my life since the end of last year. I lost my radio job and trying to find a new job. Finding a job was too stressful. He was kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel. He has been great to me! The only downfall is our religious beliefs. We talk about it. We’re very receptive to each other. I am Christian and he is agnostic. When I say Christian, I mean Pentecostal, born and raised Church of God. Right now, what he is doing is searching. I’m helping him. I’m giving him Bible verses. I know the difference between bombarding somebody with faith and belief than just nudging them in the right direction.


Dawson: You are heavily into Christianity. He isn’t. We’ve got problems in river city.

Samantha: That’s the thing…he’s even told me he wants to become a Christian so it would be easier for him to express his beliefs or non-beliefs. He is searching.

Dawson: If he’s truly searching for truth in Christianity, then you’re not the one to help him. You’re the one to point him to somebody that you know who is deeply involved in what you believe in to help him. Not you! He looks into the beauty of your eyes, and he says, “Well, I may be looking for God, but boy I’m finding Samantha, ooh!” And you may be getting in the way of his search, and you don’t want that.

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