Bad Break Up and Unhealthy Relationships

Bad Break Up and Unhealthy RelationshipsMy boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me and told me he had a date with some someone via text message. My son who loves him was as crushed as I was, as he felt as if he had lost a father.

Through talking to a HopeCoach, we uncovered that I had been in many unhealthy relationships, even with my own parents. Not only was I relying more on people to make me happy and not myself, but my relationship with God was unhealthy and untrusting. I’m still hurting, but I know it doesn’t matter if my ex comes crawling back or not.

I will not be happy or be able to make anyone happy, until I am right with God again.

We prayed and although I’m still hurt, I feel hopeful knowing that I’m not alone and I never was. I was simply looking in the wrong places.


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  • Melissa

    So I have a four year marriage that has never been amazing to being with. We are a blended family and we have one child together (3 total). I’m at a point where I feel disrespected and like I’m not worthy of his attention or any explanation. He is gone four months at a time for work. So im home working full time, managing school, our two boys full time and his daughter 50/59 percent of the time while he is gone. When he does return home he acts as tho he is on vacation and call me lazy because have the time I am exhausted. Out sex life is nonexistent. He makes it all about himself and I look at how things will affect our family. I’m a social worker so I understand that he has trauma from childhood but how much do I put into something that is not mentally h
    ealthy for me. I’m so confused and frustrated.