Bad Breakup and Unhealthy Relationships

Crushed by a Breakup Text

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me and told me he had a date with some someone via text message. My son who loves him was as crushed as I was, as he felt as if he had lost a father.

Through talking to a HopeCoach, we uncovered that I had been in many unhealthy relationships, even with my own parents. Not only was I relying more on people to make me happy and not myself, but my relationship with God was unhealthy and untrusting.

I'm still hurting, but I know it doesn't matter if my ex comes crawling back or not.

Hopeful I Am Not Alone

I will not be happy or be able to make anyone else happy, until I am right with God again.

My HopeCoach and I prayed together and although I'm still hurt, I feel hopeful knowing that I'm not alone and I never was. I was simply looking in the wrong places. ~ Michelle

Don't Give Up Hope

Getting over a hurtful breakup can be a type of grief. Don't give up faith and don't give up hope. There are healthy ways to move towards healing.  God tells us, “I will never fail you, nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5). When we place our faith in Jesus, wanting Him in our lives, we become His child and forever can rest secure in His love.  If you are struggling with not feeling good enough, know that God loves you and accepts you just as you are.  He desires a relationship with you that is real and offers you peace, love and joy.  All you have to do is ask.

For more help with overcoming a breakup, read: Moving On: How to Properly Grieve and Heal After a Breakup. 

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4 comments on “Bad Breakup and Unhealthy Relationships”

  1. I was in an 8 year relationship, me and the person worked for the same organization we did not report to each other. I fell deep in love with him, he was my world, he would do anything for me. However he started seeing someone else about 3 years ago, I had no clue until I found out he was engaged and getting married in 3 weeks. I found out 3 weeks before he got married and she's pregnant and was about 3-4 months at the time of the wedding. I'm currently in therapy and trying to deal with this one day at a time the most painful is the lies and deception and the fact the in the end he was such a coward he couldn't face me n and he never told me the truth. It's a struggle I've never hurt so bad. And in addition I lost my job because of the relationship so now I'm on the Job search. He was able to retire after 30 years.

  2. So I have a four year marriage that has never been amazing to being with. We are a blended family and we have one child together (3 total). I'm at a point where I feel disrespected and like I'm not worthy of his attention or any explanation. He is gone four months at a time for work. So im home working full time, managing school, our two boys full time and his daughter 50/59 percent of the time while he is gone. When he does return home he acts as tho he is on vacation and call me lazy because have the time I am exhausted. Out sex life is nonexistent. He makes it all about himself and I look at how things will affect our family. I'm a social worker so I understand that he has trauma from childhood but how much do I put into something that is not mentally h
    ealthy for me. I'm so confused and frustrated.

    1. I am so very sorry to hear that.... Frustration is to be expected confuse because when we marry we never see this day and lonely nights!! Exhausting I'm sure!!! I would urge you to seek counsel with your pastor or a solid friend get into place God intended for your life! Pray for him prayer with praying people, those luv help mop programs ask for the help you do need! I will pray very diligently! Social work hard! Children always broken when a home falls apart! I will pray hard for them too❤️❤️May God open every doo for you... Escort the path!! Blessings and daily prayers

  3. I've had the same experience with my baby daddy sort of different. But as always said, he would come crawling back in the meantime. Like if he doesn't then he will be missing out on what the both of you created. (A gift from God) but if he doesn't then he's just plain stupid to not realize that he had the most beautiful things in his life. So don't dread just let him be the one to open his eyes. He's the foolish selfish one who couldn't see you for the things you've done for him. Sorry to be so straight forward but Yea, I have 4 kids with the same guy i have been with for 5 years now going onto 6. So your not alone there. We all gotta stay strong, and look at the bright side you have your child to keep you smiling.

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