She Struggled with Cutting and Anxiety

Taylor Shares Her Story of Cutting and Anxiety

Taylor was struggling with cutting and anxiety and depression. Thankfully she found TheHopeLine®.
cutting and anxietyI have been cutting as a result from depression and severe anxiety. I started when I was 15 years old, and I am now 19 years old. I have been on for a few months now and I have to say that they have helped me through the hard times I have had.
They connected me to two mentors and have made my connection with the Lord much stronger than ever before from the resources they sent me. I really appreciate the people who I chatted with.
Thank you TheHopeLine®!!!

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9 comments on “She Struggled with Cutting and Anxiety”

  1. I have anxiety. I have over come some in different scenario's like walking through the halls at work through a large group of people. I used to try to go a different way. But I am really nervous because I have a phone interview with maybe 4 people. I am bad at phone interviews. And sometimes just explaining things. It's my biggest fear. And I need another job and have to go through it

  2. Im really socially anxious around people and i often feel lonely when i dont make friends, i start to blame myself and create these negative thoughts towards myself and my mind involuntarily repeats these to a point where even if i try to stop thinking about it its always in the back of my mind and most of the time takes over then this leads me to feeling drastically hopeless and endlessly depressed. I really need help before i do something mindless to myself, i tried to tell my mom to help me get a psychologist but she keeps denying the idea and tells me its just a phase. Please Help Me!!!

    1. Your mom sounds like my parents who don't believe in getting help. I am so sorry to hear she is dismissing you reaching out. The only thing I can try to help you with is ... the "line" so to speak "dress for your job" uhm Like dress for your personality in a confident way. however that might be. Dress to Kill. Be confident. This of course is to help with your social anxiety. Smile and address people walking by you. Speak up. Do not say hi with a low voice. I am speaking from experience. They may not here you and it will get you down. Can't assume everyone has good ears. A friend of mine was in the army and he had some bomb go off and i had no idea he couldn't hear or another friend has some inner ear problem and can't hear people when there is background noise. Speak up. Say hi and Smile. If you are in a library or school where you feel alone and have to make friends, finding out someone's email is better, easier.. for me it is. Once you know someone who looks or seems nice, once you know their email, email them. Ask them if they are hungry and if they would like to get something to eat or grab something to eat. I am not sure where it is you feel alone so I am throwing examples out. Sometimes internet has blogs like prose that used to be open diary to talk to people. I am 39 and even live , real life people , friends are hard to make. There is no immediate help 🙁 for how you will feel. I won't ask you how old you are, but if you are at least 16 or over maybe have a friend take you to the doctor and explain how you feel. If you are younger , maybe ask a favorite aunt or uncle ? someone you trust ? tell them your situation with your mom not believing you. Its worth it if you feel you want to hurt yourself. Screw the privacy of yourself. If you want to help yourself, reach out to someone else and maybe your mom will take you seriously.
      Good luck

    1. It takes both strength to self harm and to stop. It takes more than time, but there is no fail in try. Your try is, and will be good enough. You have to sink in order to rise back up to the surface of the sea. Even if you feel you are drowning. Its not about if you can't stop, or feel you do not want to. Its about if you will. I already know you can. Not because i don't understand but because i believe in you. Recovery is not perfect. And mistakes are part of recovery. I support you. You can do anything. Many people throw any sharp objects that they use away. Instead of cutting, people tend to draw with a marker, some patterns and pictures on there skin in order to express themselves in a different way. You could perhaps try, if possible, to do something different when you feel as if you need to self harm, such as reading, writing, drawing. Instead of marking your skin, perhaps try marking something else. You deserve more.

    1. I cannot say i have struggled with anxiety nor depression. What i can say is that i am willing to listen and understand you. And if you would happen to need somebody, You could talk to me. Day or Night. Hour after Hour. I support you.

  3. I love a girl from last 4 yrs. I am now 21 and she is 19 tried everything could be possible. But i got to know that she already have a boyfriend from last 3 months. As per she the guy who she is hanging up is good and loving one. But i cannot forget her. I love her very much.... What should i do.... I am ready to do whats ever it needs to be done. Please help me.

    1. In order to help you, You have to help yourself also. You can try anything, but sometimes a person's heart is not in it. She may have strong feelings for this person she is currently seeing. Bare in mind, sometimes you can spend so long chasing a person that you eventually lose yourself. And that person you are chasing is looking the other way, whilst you are crying for help. And you deserve more. No matter how hard it is, perhaps decide to do one more thing. And that could be taking a deep breath, and telling her how you feel, straight up. And it could go many ways. And if she just so happens to say she does not feel the same, perhaps you could let go. I support you and I hope you get what you need.

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